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Volume 7834: Evolutionary and Biologically Inspired Music, Sound, Art and Design by Penousal Machado, James McDermott, Adrian Carballal is now available on the SpringerLink web site at
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Table of Contents:
Aesthetics, Art, Evolution
Author(s)Jon McCormack
Page1 - 12
Application of an Island Model Genetic Algorithm for a Multi-track Music Segmentation Problem
Author(s)Brigitte Rafael, Michael Affenzeller, Stefan Wagner
Page13 - 24
evoDrummer: Deriving Rhythmic Patterns through Interactive Genetic Algorithms
Author(s)Maximos A. Kaliakatsos–Papakostas, Andreas Floros, Michael N. Vrahatis
Page25 - 36
Darwinian Pianos: Realtime Composition Based on Competitive Evolutionary Process
Author(s)Guido Kramann
Page37 - 46
Finding Image Features Associated with High Aesthetic Value by Machine Learning
Author(s)Vic Ciesielski, Perry Barile, Karen Trist
Page47 - 58
Aesthetic Measures for Evolutionary Vase Design
Author(s)Kate Reed
Page59 - 71
Inverse Mapping with Sensitivity Analysis for Partial Selection in Interactive Evolution
Author(s)Jonathan Eisenmann, Matthew Lewis, Rick Parent
Page72 - 84
Swarmic Sketches and Attention Mechanism
Author(s)Mohammad Majid al-Rifaie, John Mark Bishop
Page85 - 96
Swarmic Paintings and Colour Attention
Author(s)Mohammad Majid al-Rifaie, John Mark Bishop
Page97 - 108
Evolving Glitch Art
Author(s)Eelco den Heijer
Page109 - 120
EvoSpace-Interactive: A Framework to Develop Distributed Collaborative-Interactive Evolutionary Algorithms for Artistic Design
Author(s)Mario García-Valdez, Leonardo Trujillo, Francisco Fernández de Vega, Juan Julián Merelo Guervós, Gustavo Olague
Page121 - 132
Feature Selection and Novelty in Computational Aesthetics
Author(s)João Correia, Penousal Machado, Juan Romero, Adrian Carballal
Page133 - 144
Biologically–Inspired Motion Pattern Design of Multi–legged Creatures
Author(s)Shihui Guo, Safa Tharib, Jian Chang, Jianjun Zhang
Page145 - 156
Decision Chain Encoding: Evolutionary Design Optimization with Complex Constraints
Author(s)Patrick Janssen, Vignesh Kaushik
Page157 - 167
Story Characterization Using Interactive Evolution in a Multi-Agent System
Author(s)Malik Nairat, Palle Dahlstedt, Mats G. Nordahl
Page168 - 179
Sentient World: Human-Based Procedural Cartography
Author(s)Antonios Liapis, Georgios N. Yannakakis, Julian Togelius
Page180 - 191
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