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Mijntje Lukoff is proud to present

Mécaniques Discursives - Opening May 2nd

After winning the Collector's Prize at Slick Brussels 2013, the artists Fred Penelle and Yannick Jacquet are back for a unique solo show in the gallery.
We are very proud to invite you for a drink to discover their most recent work.



   on THURSDAY MAY 2nd, from 6.00 PM till 8.30 PM.
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F. Penelle & Y. Jacquet, "Mécaniques Discursives", installation at Slick Brussels, Video, engraving and mixed media, h 250 cm x 800 cm, 2013.

“Tel l’abécédaire déjanté d’une improbable usine du monde, telle une mythologie hybride et intemporelle, les gravures féroces de Frédéric Penelle dialoguent avec l’art vidéo aiguisé de Yannick Jacquet (alias Legoman) - à moins que ce ne soit l’inverse - pour raconter soigneusement, drôlement, l’indubitable évidence des non-sens du monde, la genèse de la priorité introuvable entre les oeufs et leurs poules, entre les savants et leurs machines, entre vos cerveaux et leurs hallucinations. Cette démonstration implacablement absurde hoquette et sourit, surtout, de nos propres inondations et enfumages incontrôlés, de nos vanités mécaniques.” (F. Delvoye)

Installation born from the encounter of the engraver Fred Penelle, with video artist Yannick Jacquet. « Mécaniques Discursives » is a unique mixture of engraving and video projection. The combination of both artists minds results in a strange machinery of the absurd. A poetic narrative unfolding across walls like some exquisite skeleton using the principle of a chain reaction as its starting point. Frédéric Penelle has been going to great lengths for a number of years to release engraving from its traditional context and «beautiful paper». He uses his installations to breathe a new life into engraving by moving it off a path that is too well trodden. Yannick Jacquet’s work is also marked by a strong desire to step outside of traditional projection formats and put video into space. The main tool is audiovisual performances, installations and stage design. Their shared desire open the traditional boundaries of their respective disciplines brought them together in this project.

Mecaniques Discursives will be on view at LKFF until 2 June, 2013.

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