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Roxame.1 was developed int 2000-2005, and explored the creative field : algorithms*random. It's original website is still ontline.

Roxame.2's development started in 2015, and explores the field algorithms*data, and aims to produce any kind of media, from a simple bit to a film, using the same principles. She (see Introduction) integrates and extends the algorithms of Roxame.1, but refrains from using the random() function.

In July 2016, we published an Interim Report summarizing our research since 2000 and explaining our feelings and new aims.

Roxame's Handbook

The Roxame's code is integrally on line. Since its grows everyday (or quite), the online version is probably not the last one.

You will probably meet some obstacles if you want to use it. Then the hotline is at my email Anyway, we decline any responsibility for the possible probleme met by a user.

The handbook pages are destinated to Roxame software users. Each page begins with the main commands, followed by some philosophy and by programming tips.
The commands cannot be used online from Roxame's website. You must first intall Processing and download (when it will be on line) the Processing code.

A first tour and demo . Installation.,

Formats : The Formats, Comic books, Film, Accounting, Diccan (private functions at present) .

Generative functions : Text, Forms, Generators, Framing, Filters, Contours , Gradations, Geometry and morphogeometry, Measurement, Evaluation, Critique

Contents : Contents, Inputs, Cameras , Images acquiring and handling , The semantic tree . Recognition.

Structures : the Database , Lists and suffixes, Dictionary and macros, Scripts, Classes and regions , Colors and palettes, Roxame's mood

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