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Les Algorists society aims to the cooperation between "Algorists" (a term coined by Jean-Pierre Hébert) i.e. artists using for their creation algorithms they develop themselves, be it for ideation, design, creation communication or presentation of the works to the public. Its creation has been inspired by the American group Algorists.

Members and friends meet monthly. They cooperate into collaborative projects. Presently: Primeval and Alkwarel. The latter one will soon be at your disposal on line, without programming know-how.

Last news of the society are available on is blog. A lot of documentation is available on the websites, blogs and other publications of the members .

To go further, we presently use systematically the Processing language. If some while and other void(myartist){} urge you to put hands on keys, you will enjoy it using this free software, available 24/24 and7/7 by downloading . And if you like it, you will be welcome in our development teams.

The chairman


Just for the pleasure : a cute demo of Processing, by Xavier Gouchet.


Contact : le président : (06) 62 60 54 39

Adresse postale : 2 A Impasse Marie-Louise, 78600 Maisons-Laffitte

Mise jour: 23/2/2006