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The Bitlyrics, a movement ?

(Seen from 2016, the movement seems to have ended. The image on right has no relation with a Parisian movemnet, and is taken from Youtube).

Something new is emerging in Paris, or around Paris. An artistic movement with some innovative artists, bold galleries and event organizers, and even some critics to stir the brainstorm.

The artists : Antoine Schmitt, Zajega, Hugo Verlinde, Anne-Sarah Le Meur, Alain Le Boucher, Jean-Jacques Birgé

They are not constituted into a movement, and some of them are much too individualistic to adhere to any formal group. But they know each other, cooperate

The galleries : Charlot, Denise René, Lélia Mordoch, Montpellier, la belge, l'autre française de Art Paris

The events : Fiac off, Slick, Cutform

The basic principles : purity, fertility, high demands on the spectator, who must take the time to appreciate. Life emerges from numbers, formulas and algorithms, and has to be respected, first of all by the authors themselves.
Fertility by combinations with other arts, less binary.

Ancestors and comparison with other movements : Bauhaus, Abstraction lyrique, Generative art, Artificial Life, Bio art. Cinema, Cubism.


Bit-Lyrics on Google






Paris ACM Siggraph, the French chapter of ACM Siggraph, worldwide non-profit organization of computer graphics.




Les Algoristes, an association of artists using their own algorithms in their work.





Galerie Charlot An important supporter of digital art.