Cruz-Diez and color: enjoy... but think ahead

180 pages of blossoming stripes.

This evening July 7, at Denise René's, Carlos Cruz-Diez signed his new book Réflexion sur la couleur (Published by Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts). 180 beautiful pages, and a modest price (30 euros) for such a quality setting. Enjoy, and follow the concerns and works of the artist along some 70 years of creation... including digital interactive works (see our post). Frank Popper (Ecrire sur l'art, L'Harmattan 2007) dedicates 5 pages to him, under the title "L'événement couleur".

But don't expect to find there really new ideas about a topic of which Chevreul and the Bauhaus dealt with so long ago. Still less a scientific approach, with hypotheses and modeling, experiments and inductive conclusions. Anyway, Google shows mainly the absence or such studies, if you search, for example, "neurosciences color". And the rich affordances of digital art have not brought much to chew, up to now. As far as we know, two digital artists only have made explicit reference to color: Anne-Sarah Lemeur, talking about "negative ligth" in the RGB space and, much more extensively, Harold Cohen in his 1999 paper, Colouring without seeing: a problem in machine creativity, which takes a particular standpoint. (You will find all the references we know of in diccan's note about color , presently under translation from French and wanting a lot of editing, which we hope do to this summer).

So good, then! Art and Science have still a lot to give us.






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Les Algoristes, an association of artists using their own algorithms in their work.





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