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Siggraph 2013 : the technical papers

Aid the artists or replace them ?

Let's try here to group the themes in order to get a more synthetic (pre)view (You can access directly to the program as presented by Siggraph in its Advance program).

A majority of sessions are devoted to forms and patterns : Geometry & Topology, Points, Line Drawing, Surfaces & Differential Geometry, Surface Modeling, Shape Analysis, Quads & Meshing, Fluid Grids & Meshes, Skinning & Deformation, Voxels & Liquids, Deformation & Distortion, Sounds & Solids, Data-Driven Animation.

Rendering comes in second line : Precomputed Rendering, Advanced Rendering, Global Illumination, Laplacians, Light Field & Layouts, Water & Snow With Particles, Materials, Hardware Rendering, Appearance Fabrication, . One of the papers, Artistic Rendering & Stylization, is directly concerned with properly painterly effects.

Then come the inputs Sampling, Perception, Image-Based Reconstruction, Surface Reconstruction and outputs Display Hardware, Video & Warping, 3D Printing

And a few sessions deal more directly with the artistic creation process.. Let's go here more in detail since they are more in the Diccan's realm.

- Building Structures & Layouts will mainly call to architects (or more exactly, the technical staff of architecture studios). Structures, Faces & Building deals also with architecture, but with more aesthetical aims.

- Color & Compositing is chaired by Alexander Hornung, Disney Research Zürich, with a participation of Adobe in most of the papers. Three out of the four papers aim to replace highly skilled colorist by algorithms. But one of them intends to "assist photographers to compose images of static scenes, viewed under dynamic lighting. The approach introduces a set of basis lights that combine several of the input images and provides controls to achieve effects photographers typically need; for example, accentuating the color or edges of objects."

- Design & Authoring, chaired by Jehee Lee, Seoul National University, has strong mathematical bases but oriented to assistance to artists, for example "allow non-expert users to intuitively create complex, animated mechanical characters." Two of the papers use the expression "computational design".








Paris ACM Siggraph, the French chapter of ACM Siggraph, worldwide non-profit organization of computer graphics.




Les Algoristes, an association of artists using their own algorithms in their work.





Galerie Charlot An important supporter of digital art.