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S/N _ Signal To Noise installation
new artwork by LAb[au]
premiere: Luminato festival
08.06 - 30.06.2012 _ Pearson international airport
Toronto, Canada

conference LAb[au], Els Vermang
Multiply _ International Design Conference about Diversity
01.06.2012 _ University of Art and Design
Linz, Austria


what :
Signal To Noise

where :
Check-in Hall
Pearson int. Airport
Toronto, Canada

when :
08.06. - 30.06.2012

LAb[au] invited by Luminato
Festival of Arts and Creativity
to present its new installation: S/N _ Signal To Noise

LAb[au], 2012
Aluminium, split-flaps, custom-made electronics
Diameter - 340 cm, Height – 183 cm

'Signal To Noise' is a kinetic sound installation immersing the spectator in patterns of sonic motion, based on generative principles executed by 512 mechanical split-flaps. The expression ‘signal-to-noise’ is a measure used to quantify how much a signal has been lost to noise; it’s a ratio of useful to un-useful information in a data exchange. The works consists of a circular structure, containing 4 horizontal rows of 128 split-flaps at eye height. The external surface exposes the stripped back technology of the split-flaps and driver boards, while the internal surfaces reveal the characters of the split-flaps. The circular installation invites the visitor to plunge into a kinetic composition in the midst of the eternal calculation process of an auto-poetic machine. The split-flaps are constantly spinning on a variable speed/rhythm which is dependant upon on the underlying algorithm, analyzing in the maze of information the appearance of a word-equal-meaning.

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what :
Multiply conference

where :
University of Art & Design
Linz, Austria

when :

LAb[au], Els Vermang invited to:
Multiply, International Design Conference about Diversity

MULTIPLY is this year's call for interdisciplinary networking. During a one-day conference designers, scientists and creative thinkers are invited to influence, adopt and modify their working methods and generate new thinking models and approaches to their disciplines. MULTIPLY is thereby exploring diversity in the field of visual communication and links the creative practice with the arts, social and natural sciences in order to multiply their scope.

more information _ multiply web-site

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