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Inhye Lee: Cute and clever

From 11/27 to 12/20, The Korean artist Inhye Lee in on show, "Face to Faces" at Galerie Charlot, . Her oeuvre stikes for it freshness of shapes, colors and inspiration. At the same time, she plays on interaction along new and creative ways, sometimes rather complex.

Lee: Accordion Face. Come an play this graphic music. We have at present no better image. This one does not show the full work.

We feel Accordion Face (2013) as the most complex and interacive work (dubbed "installation" though it seems autonomous). A mork accordion, life size, lets you play with faces cut in multiple bands.

Faces are the basic theme of her oeuvre, which explores faces transformations and sequences by various means, not always digital. For instance, she makes books where every page has a hole cut in it, introducing to the next page, with a careful selection of transitions so that the pages remains coherent.

The faces are not always serene. They play on every kind of expression. Nevertheless, even with sad of anguhisted expressions or elder people, they let an impression simplicity and clarity.

We will complete this post after the opening.

PB. Nov. 26





Paris ACM Siggraph, the French chapter of ACM Siggraph, worldwide non-profit organization of computer graphics.






Galerie Charlot An important supporter of digital art.