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Obadike Keith.
> Blackness for Sale (2001) [Greene] Work on identity, reification.

Obermaier Klaus. Media-artist and composer. Video dance shows. See Digicult page.
- Apparition (2004, 2010). with Ars Electronica Futurelab. Video.
- Le sacre du printemps (2007). "Dancer Julia Mach interacted with the music and the three dimensional images projected onto the stage. Members of the audience watched the performance wearing 3D glasses" according to [Miller] p. 39])
- D.A.V.E. (2002).

Objectif 3D. Formation to infography techniques. .

Objet. 3D printers maker (rapid prototyping).

L'observatoire critique. Observes the web about Art History. Head: Corinne Welger-Barboza.

Observatoire des pratiques de création. Our post.

> Portrait d'Edmond de Belamy (2018) See our post on Fall 2018.
> Le Comte de Belamy (2017)


Oceania. See our "Tourist guide".

Ocelot Michel. Animation film maker. Wikipedia.
< Kirikou, les nouveaux contes. A 4 pages story about the film post-production in Sonovisision Digital Film, Nov. 2012.
< Les contes de la nuit. (2011).
- More in French.

Odendaal Andries (Sumona). 4 pages in [Cameron].
> Whizzball (2000 c.) Game.

van Oerle Bas. A member of Front 404.

Oertli Stéphane. Theatre and virtual puppets.
> Brutus mon frère ! (2011).
- More in French.

Ofrescu Chris. Nano-art.

Ogboh Emeka. Sound and video, mostly about Lagos. One page with images in [Dermineur].
> Loco-Metta and [dis]connect IV-Fractal Scapes (2011).

Oggiano Lorenzo .
> Quasi-Objects (2012)

Ohashi Toshio. Game author. Images of Street Fighter IV (Polygon pictures).

Ohtake Makoto. A member of Computer Technique Group.

OIAF. Ottawa International Animation Film. Festival.

Oiio Studio. Architecture
> Guggenheim Extension (2015C). A project of extension of the New-York Guggenheim museum. Quoted by Terracol with picture and geometric explanations, for use of spiral and dome combined.

Oikonomou Ioannis. Architect. See Oiio

Okura Mayumi. Interaction. See her Ensad page.
> Book Tales (2010-2014). by Dominique Cunin & Mayumi Okura: Interactive books on iPads. In 2015, the work is shown at Futur en Seine (see our post, with the catalog).

Olats. Observatoire Leonardo des Arts et des TechnoSciences.

Oli-Lab. Laboratoire de Développement pour les Arts. Association created in 2010 in Lyon. A typical fab-lab, and also typical of Lyon's dynamism in digital art.

Oldenburg Aaron. VIdeo and interaction. Since 2005.

Olislaeger François. Author of comic books.
> Mathilde, danser après tout (2013). A ballet with Mathilde Monnier. See Le Monde, 6/25/2013. Olislaeger makes in real time, on a graphic tablet, sketches of the dancers. The sketches are projected upon the stage.

Olive Joseph. Music. Presented at length by [Baudouin].
> Study N°5 (1972).

Ollier Lionel. Journalist.
- A thick set of articles in Sonovision Broadcast, September 2010,

Oliver Julian
> Newstweek (2011). wih Danja Vasiliev. A small box transforming Wifi reception in troubling manner. Commented in [ Debatty et al. 2011].

Olivier O. Olivier. A member of Oupeinpo.

Olory Paul. Stage designer.
- Living Jewelry, a masterclass animated in july 2014 by Florent Aziosmanoff and Pol Olory.
> Géminis (2006) [Aziosmanoff], 11 pages.

Omproduck. Multidisciplinary live shows. Artisitic direction, Anne Buguet and Michel Ozeray.
> Magnetic dreams #1 (2012). Performance, handling of objecta and video.
> Axis Mundi (2012) . Using Kinect. + projections
> Matières d'être(s). 2008.Dualsm between a dacer and an electronic puppet.

On Josh. Web art. Member of Future Farmers.
> They Rule (2001), by Josh On and Future-Farmers. [Greene] p. 137, also in in [Lieser]. Washington Post page.

O'Nascimento Ricardo. Artist and researcher on the field of new media and interactive art.
> Batuque (2016). Sound controls the vibration of fur balls.

O'Neill Patrick. Sculptor, and a forerunner of digital cinema. 3 pages and photos in [Youngblood].
> 7362 (1965-66) : "Human and machine interact with serial beauty, one form passing into another with delicate precision".

Onesandzeroes Page Crumbweb. Group formed of Oliver Kauselmann and Thorsten Kloepfer.
> Unmovie (2000 c.), by Axel Heide, onesandzeroes, Philip Pocock and Gregor Stehle. [Greene]. Page Netart.

Onformative. A studio for generative design.
> Fragments of RGB (2011). "An interactive installation experimenting with illusion and perception. The classic LED screen as a medium was simulated and disintegrated by the creation of a pixel-like LED optic with the ability to change and transform with the viewer’s movement and, hence, his perspective and point of view". See a comment by Random magazine. > Twitter Live Ticker (2011).

> Vue (2000 c.) Landscape generation software.

Oozu Takeshi. Interaction
- Present a Speculum Artium 2017.

Opalka Roman. An extreme form of algorithm: this painter writes his name each and every day.
[Popper 1] p.199 . Video of a presentation at Jeu de Paume, on 2001. Cited with picture in Artpress2 Art in the digital age, May-June-July 2013

Open CV. Open source library of vision functions. Part of them are directly usable under Processing, for instance.

Open-GL Open source graphic functions library. Includes a shading language, GLSL (Open-GL Shader Language).

Open Lab. More in French.

Openvibe. Inria software for direct brain-computer communication. Presentation Video.

Open-zone. Several magicians (specially Raphaël Cusset and Matthieu Bonnaud) use special effects and video-mapping. An article in Sonovision, June 2013.

Operativo R .Literature group. Italy, 1960's. Quoted by Darko Fritz in [Lartigaud].

Opie Julian. Painting, multimedia. He is mainly a painter, realist/stylized. But his website is a beautiful example of web art.
> Waitress (2014). Animation film.
> Driving Fast and other works (2004), quoted by [Lieser] with pictures
> Since the 1980's.

Orchard Grant. Animation cinema.
> A morning stroll (2011). Junior Jury Award in Annecy 2011.

Orkestronika: Robosonic. Playing.

Orellana Fernando.

> Sleep Walking (2008). Commented in [ Debatty et al. 2011].
> 8520 S.W. 27th pl v2 (2006) presented to Siggraph 2006.
- Video interview on Robot Art (Flyp, Nov. 2008).

Orfescu Chris. Nano-art. Microphotographies. With style.

Organic orchestra. Founded in 2007 by Ezra, a beatboxer artist, the company produces creatiosn mixing beatbos and new technologie.

Orkestronika. A group of jazz musicians. They play with roboticized objects, controlled in real timeby Midi protocols, with pneumatic effectors and servomotors to generate sound on the objects (oven, pans, washing machine..). "We have both written/automated music, real time control and interaction with the public".

Robosonic, audience!

- Musical composition : Patrick Fradet, Grégoire Terrier
- Texts: Camille Fauchère, Cora Labaeye
- Instruments conception and technology: Florence Kraus, Benoit Poulain, Jean-Yves Gratius, Bertrand Moricet, Grégoire Terrier, Patrick Fradet
- Robots and lights creation: Bertrand Manuel
- Sound and spatialisation : Chloé Gambert.

> Resist(r)ance (2014). A concert in Kiev.
> Robosonic (2013).

Orlan. Wikipedia. Multimedia performance artist. Quoted by [Moindrot 2013], pp.213-215

> At Variation 2014, live show of augmented reality with cell phones ad the Augment software.
> Scan Streap Tease (2013). Video
> La liberté en écorchée (Liberty as a feminine cutaway) (2013). Comments by Dominique Moulon at Show Off 2013, our translation): " We can recognize her, be it only for her prostheses and impants (grafted in the 1980's). She has had her body scanned in 3D, then to present it in a non-photo-realistic rendering (with Lambert shading) using different colors. Green, for instance, is used to show what does not belong to her body. Other present diverse messurements. The movements come from former performances. She moves very slowly, recalling her first performance in Saint-Etienne, where she walked very slowly in the city, from one point to another. There is some feminist engagement here, since woman nude, for long had been admitted only in exotic or mythological representations".
> Triumph of the Baroque (2000) [Murray].
> The Draped/The baroque (2000 c.) [Murray].
> The Reincarnation of St Orlan (2000 c.) [Murray].
> Autoportrait (1986), photograph in [Popper 2] p. 261-264.

Orlan: La liberté en écorchée (Liberty as a feminine cutaway.

Orlary Yann. Music composer, scientist, science chief officer for Grame.
- Mutations (2012). with Guillaume Hutzler and Yann Orlary (sound). This multimedia installations interacts with the meteo data or a geographical location. A Youtube video shows relates to Oslo (Norway). Technically, the installation has nothing revolutionary. One can appreciate the pleasant polygonal forms, just "bugged" enough to avoid rigidity.
> Entre calcul, programmation et création (2000 c.) in [Pottier] .

Ormesson Jean d' .
> Le vent du soir (1980 c.). This work has been analyZed and transformed by threes Tecsi engineers (Christian Colonne, Henri de Boissieu and Jean-François Gaillon). Article in 'Le Sicob du Figaro", 1985.

Ory Solveig de. A member of Ludicart.

O'Rourke Karen. Personal page.
< Dérives programmées [computer aided walks]. 24 pages in [Lartigaud].
> Une carte plus grande que le territoire (2002). "It is a web application which aims to give internauts this possibility of remembering places and spaces through the representation of their circuits through the city and building topographies ". [Forest 2](our translation). Images in [Lartigaud].

Orlan: Where up to must one go too far ?

Orrimbe George. A member of Oupeinpo.

Ortiz Benjamin Moreno. SFMoma page. Concrete poetry.
> Space Reader (2010c.). Presented in performance during the Chercher le texte festival (2013)

Ortiz Diego not on the web
> Vanishing Walks (2015) Dance with video mapping .See the Vimeo recording.

Osaka University.

Osborne Mark. Director.
> Kung Fu Panda (2008), with John Stevenson. Dreamwork corporation.

Osgood Charles.
< The measurement of meaning by Osgood Charles E., SUCI George J and Tannenbaum Percy H. University of Illinois Press, 1957.

Osman Kareem. Multimedia. One page with images in [Dermineur].
> Made in Egypt (2012)

Ososphère. Strasbourg festival of "contemporary music and hybrid arts".
- See Alsace in our Tourist Guide.

Ossevoort Stijn. Fashion Tech
> Sacré Coeur (2016). A sensor gets the heart beat, makes an external fabric heart vibrate and controls coordinated lights
> Flare (2009) When wind caresses (sensor not indicated) embroided dandelions, they alight.

Osterhoff Johannes P. "Interface artist".
> The Submit Button (2006).

Osterwold Tilman
< Pop Art. Taschen 2003 e. <

Oswald Olivier One of the authors of l'Oreiller rêveur.

OTA+. Architects studio. Led by Kory Bieg.
> Off/Grid House (2012). OTA° web page (a long comment, translated in French in [Kottas 2013}.

Otlet Paul. A new media forerunner. Wikipedia: Otlet integrated new media, as they were invented, into his vision of the networked knowledge-base of the future. In the early 1900s, Otlet worked with engineer Robert Goldschmidt on storing bibliographic data on microfilm (then known as "micro-photography"). These experiments continued into the 1920s, and by the late 1920s he attempted along with colleagues to create an encyclopedia printed entirely on microfilm, known as the Encyclopaedia Microphotica Mundaneum, which was housed in the Mundaneum. In the 1920s and 1930s, he wrote about radio and television as other forms of conveying information, writing in the 1934 Traité de documentation that "one after another, marvellous inventions have immensely extended the possibilities of documentation." In the same book, he predicted that media that would convey feel, taste and smell would also eventually be invented, and that an ideal information-conveyance system should be able to handle all of what he called "sense-perception

Othoniel Jean-Michel.
> A Shadow in your Window (1999). [Couchot 2003] : CD-Rom connected to a website.

Ottaviano Nancy.
> Enquête ethnographique sur une pratique de concepteurs de la ville à venir : des promesses du numérique à une innovation numérique. PhD Aménagement et Urbanisme, presentation to be done on 23-01-2017 à Paris 10 (Nanterre).

Otten Olivier. See Selfcontrolfreak.

Ouramdane Rachid. Choreographer. Wikipedia
> Superstars (2007).
> Au bord des métaphores (2000). Cited with picture in Artpress2 Art in the digital age, May-june-july 2013

Oudeis . Association for digital, electronic and media arts, Le Vigan (Gard, France).

Oudeyer Pierre-Yves. A robot languages specialist.

Oulipo : combinatory art well before the computer era!

Oulipo, Oupeinpo, Oupopro, Outrapo Wikipedia . Comments by Bootz.
- Oupopro (Ouvroir de Programmation Potentielle, Potential programming worksho) is an experience using the Oulipo principles. But, instead of human languages, it uses imperative languages: operations listes, algorithms, etc. This affords, for example, to build cooking recipes or shopping lists, in illimited quantity. A present, Oupopro is developed by Jacques Laval (Mathematics teacher) and an anonumous author. > Les évanouissements (1970 c.) by L. V. Gogh, "soft work" by Tristan Bastit. written for l'Oupeinpo.
- Video of an Oulipo presentation at BNP (October 2010).
< Pratiques oulipiennes. Anthologie. by Dominique Moncond'huy. Gallmard 2004.
- Reading session. AH No 96 .
< Six selections reprinted in [Wardrip-Fruin 2003].

Outrapo Wikipedia: "Outrapo is the contraction of « Ouvroir de tragicomédie potentielle », alluding l'Oulipo (Ouvroir de Littérature Potentielle) by Raymond Queneau. Founded in London in 1991, A member of Ou-X-Po."

Overtoon. Overtoon is a platform for research, production and distribution of sound art and media art grounded in a sonic approach, directed by Aernoudt Jacobs and Christoph De Boeck.
Apart from producing the work of both artists, Overtoon wants to support artists and give new impulses to the field of sound and media art.
Overtoon offers yearly long-term residencies to artists with the aim to produce their works. Selected artists can make use of a workspace in the centre of Brussels, tools which facilitate the production process related to audio/media art, technical expertise, production and financial support and a broad international network. With the support of the government of Flanders and the Flemish Community Commission.

Owens Craig. An art critic during the 190's. Wikipedia. Pre-digital, but brings important viewpoints on the effects of technology in art.
< Beyond recognition. Representation, Power and Culture. Craig Owens. Edited by Scott Bryson, Barbara Kruger, Lynne Tillman, and Jane Weinstock. University of California Press, 1992.

Ox Jack . Site. Color organ.

Oyarzun Christian. Vimeo Multimedia
> DrumCircle (2017). See our post about Siggraph 2017.
> Random Talk (2011)

Ozeray Michel. Stage director, creator of puppets and automata for stage shows. Member of Omproduck.
> Fontaine Gaia (2001).

Ozkan: Augmented jacket

Ozkan Birce. Interaction design and wearable technology.
> Enlightenment (2016), by Birce Ozkan and Betty Quinn. An EEG (Electroencephalograph) headset controls the wings flapping of a butterfly.
> Augmented Jacket (2016). A magnetic sensor detects the direction of the wearer, and feathers lift when he/she walks towards the North.
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