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Hair modeling, a highly technical and mathematical task. Here, a scheme by Sunil Hadap in the Handbook of Virtual Humans [Magnenat].

Hack, hacker, hacking, hactivism . May be a form of Art, engaged, e.g. tactical media.

Hair, hairdo.
- Hairdo is a form of art, capillary art. At present, quite nothing digital. But a lot of R&D on hair modeling and representation.

- A hair transplanter robot, named Artas, is offered by Restoration Robotics (quoted by Planète Robots, May-June 2011).
< Hair simulation, a chapter of 30 pages, signed by Sunil Hadap, in [Magnenat].

Halftone. [Photoshop]

Hammer action A kind of keyboard, with a touch similar to an acoustic piano.

- Hamming Distance , or city-block [Bres] p313.
- Code [Gonzalez].

hammer action
Hammer action, an example of mechanism.

- of industrial robot: terminal part of the arm
- human organ; important for computer input devices: keyboard, mouse, data glove ; possibly haptic interfaces.
- More in French.

Handicap, handicapped.

< Art et handicap, by S. Missonier ed. Eres 2012
< L'esthétisme dans l'action du sportif en situation de handicap. 6 pages by Eric Dugas in Le corps en mouvement, Exposition catalog. Réfectoire des Cordeliers, Paris 2011.
- Handi-art in Marseille SH No 25 (concepts).
- Debate on amputee runner Pistorius: is He Disabled or Too-Abled? NY Times Le Monde 5/19/2007.
- Quoted by [Berger-Lioret] p. 117, 228.

Haptics. Related to touch sense.
< Haptic and Audio Interaction Design by Charlotte Magnusson, Delphine Szymczak, Stephen Brewster. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Volume 7468. Springer c. 2012
< Haptics: Perception, Devices, Mobility, and Communication by Poika Isokoski, Jukka Springare. - Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Volume 7282. Springer c. 2011.
< Haptic and Audio Interaction Design by Eric W. Cooper, Victor V. Kryssanov, Hitoshi Ogawa, Stephen Brewster LNCS (Lecture notes on computer sciences) Volume 6851. Springer, c. 2010.

Hardware. See material.


Handicap: Le geste et l'instant, Art et handicap in Rhône-Alpes. 80 pages, 25 euros. Editions Lieux Dits.

Harmonograph. See a note by Karl Sims.
- Quoted by [Berger-Lioret] p. 25.

Harris. [Bres] p.246. Harris measurement is used to find the interesting points of an image. .

- Artistic technique, non-photo-realistic, widely used in illustration. See IEEE tutorial .

- Fractal dimension [Cocquerez], [Siarry].
- Space [Zomorodian].

HD. (High definition video), Ultra HD. HDR see below<.
< Digital video and HD. Algorithms and interfaces. by Charles Poynton . MK 2012.
- UHD (Ultra High Definition), see Wikipedia. An interview of Norbert Paquet (Sony), in Sonovision 12/2014.

HDR, HDRI (High Dynamic Range (Imaging)). Wikipedia.
- A Stuttgart team (HDM School) has made concluding experiments (Sonovision, 12/2014)
- HDR et hyperréalisme en photograhie.
< Photographie HDR. by Pierre Henri Muller. Dunod 2008.

Hearing. See sound, music .

A HDR photo from the There is no room on earth website, which explains the concept.

Heidrich/Banks. Anisotropic shader [Ebert].

Height field. [Ebert].

Helicoidal (path). [Ebert].

Hermite (noise of ). [Ebert].   

HFR. High Frame Rate. Wikipedia.
- Standard films are 24 frames per second. HFR goes farther, e.g. 48, 60 and possibly 120. Is it useful? That's remain to be seen, writes Clarisse Fabre in Le Monde, 12/12/2012.

Hide, hiding. [Photoshop].
- A short note about hiding/displaying (Transparency).

Histograms used for color updating, on the Chassimages website.

- Graphs [Brinkmann].
- Of behaviors [Breazeal].

Hieroglyph. Discover and practice with digital support. SH No 22 (notes after the interview).

High-key. [Gonzalez].

Highpass. Filters [Gonzalez]. 

Histogram. Type of data and correspondent graphic representation. Useful in particular to correct color ranges.
Dealt at large by [Cocquerez], [Gonzalez]. 
See also [Siarry], [Roxame], [Photoshop], [Open CV]...

Home cinema on the website.

- History of digital art: see Aspord... and our tentative synthesis.
- Historicizing art and technology: forging a method and firing a canon. by Edward A. Shanken. 28 pages in[Grau].
- Remember the phantasmagoria! illusion. Politics of the Eighteenth century and its multimedia afterlife. by Oliver Grau. 25 pages in [Grau].
- Between a Bach and a bard place: productive constraints in early computer arts. by Douglas Kanh. 29 pages in [Grau].
- Varia.

HMI. Human-machine interaction. Synonym of CHI (Computer Human Interaction) See Interaction.

Hologram, holography, holopoem.
< Holographic Projection Systems Provide Eternal Life. Optical tricks help deceased entertainers keep on performing. by Esther Shein. A 3 pages paper in CACM 7/2014.
- A holopoem is a poem conceived and done through holographic concepts and tools... says Eduardo Kac, quoted [Bootz]..
- Holographie optique. Développement, applications. by J.C. Vienot, P. Smigielski an H. Royen. 1971. Publisher?

Home cinema. Video system controlled by computer, with a good level of image and sound.
- PC Home cinema, by P. Bielande. OEM/Eyrolles 2002.
- Home cinema. Techniques et réalisations. by René Besson and Lionel Haidant. Dunod 2001.

Home Studio on Babs website.

Home studio, home studist . Computer system and software, providing the whole gamut of musical functions (recording, mixing, etc. ).
- Its importance is stressed by [Leloup, 2013].
- La pratique du home studio - Guide de choix et de mise en oeuvre. by Franck Ernould. Dunod 2004 SH No 32 (concepts).
- The new interactive media for the home. by Kevin Wilson. The University of Wisconsin press, 1988.
- Quoted by [Berger-Lioret] p. 163.

Homogeneous, homogeneity. [Bres] p. 250: to segment an image, you must define an homogeneity criterion.

House. A kind of digital music, rather similar to "techno". See Music, and a lot in [Leloup, 2013].

- Color models [Foley], [Brinkmann], [Gonzalez],  [Processing].
- Hue, saturation, value.

Hue. One of the three parameters defining colors in HSV ou HLS. Voir ces sigles.

Robot footballers on the Robots humanoïdes website.

- Face, body [Kemp]. See : automaton, clone, HMI (Human machine interface (or interaction)), post-humanism (in French) , robot.
- Texture [Ebert].
< Digital Human Modeling by Vincent G. Duffy. LNCS (Lecture notes on computer sciences) Volume 6777. Springer, 2012.
- L'homme fabriqué. Récits de la création de l'homme par l'homme. by Jean-Paul Engélibert. Garnier 2000. (The tales by Hoffmann, Shelley, Poe, Barbara, Bierce, Schropp, Villiers de l'Isle-Adam, Wells, Panizza, Capek, Huxley , Glish and Carter, are included full text, with an introduction and presentations by J.P.Engélibert. And extracts of Ovide, Descartes, La Mettrie, Baudelaire and Truong).
- Varia .

Humanoid. Type of robot whose apparent structure mimics a human being.
- Handbook of virtual humans. Edited by N.Magnenat-Thalmann and F.D. Thalmann. Wiley 2004. SH No 44 (biblio).
- Designing social robots, by Cynthia Breazeal. MIT Press 2002. SH No 44 (biblio).
- Be awvare of the uncanny valley!

Hybrid, hybridation, hybridity.
- Hybrid dance (somehow, multimedia), see dance.

- Hybrid multifractal terrain. [Ebert].
- Hybridation, hybridity. See transmedia.

Hyperfiction (or Hypertext fiction, see Wikipedia) "A genre of electronic literature, characterized by the use of hypertext links which provide a new context for non-linearity in literature and reader interaction. The reader typically chooses links to move from one node of text to the next, and in this fashion arranges a story from a deeper pool of potential stories." The principle has been applied to paper books, with QCM at the end of the pages...

A beautiful example of hypersurfaces on the Schooldesigner website.

- HDR et hyperréalisme en photograhie.

Hypersurface. Wikipedia fort the mathematical aspects.
< Hypersurface Architecture (Architectural Design), by Stephen Perrella (Ed.)Wiley, 1999. Quoted by [Picon] p. 85 .

Hypertext, hypermedia.
- Hypertext Fiction, see Hyperfiction.
- History of Computer Art. Interesting on the early history of hypertext literature.
- In transmedia, see the chapter "Forking paths" in [Rose] pp. 103-120.
< Hypermédias et pratiques numériques, by I Saleh, L. Massou, S. Leleu-Merviel, S. Bouhai and P. Morelli. Hermès-Lavoisier 2011. Proceedings of the 11h H2PTM.
< Hypertexte: la troisième dimension du langage by Michel Bernard Online.

Hypertexture. Well dealt with by [Ebert].







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