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Dance and choreography

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- Our posts and references.  
- Laban language for choreography.
- The website collects films of contemporary spectacles.

All the artists we know of on this specialty are listed in our Index, with direct link on their Diccan's item. On summer 2014, we list some 40 artists.

We concentrate here on conceptual considerations and the state of the art. The historical development of the field is described, period after period, in our history of digital art.

Synthetic dancers by Michel Bret

Dance is one of the most intuitive and bodily arts, then not digital. But rhythms and patterns play a major role, and some choreographes, like Laban, have elaborated languages which lend themselves to some kind of programming.
Move recently, hip-hop tends to add a sort of aliasingn or pixelizing, to dance movements heretofore supple and continuous.
As all performances arts, dance shows tend nowadays to integrate sensors in order to reach more elaborate moves, music and video projections.
- Hybrid dance combines digital means (mostly, video) with stage performance. See for instance Qu'est-ce que la danse contemporaine? PUF, Paris 2010.
- Mime, circus, and equestrian arts (notably with Bartabas) are forms of dance that today integrate electronics and digital tools for sound and image projection at least.
- Robots and synthetic representation of dancers ( Michel Bret ) open new development spaces for dance.

Choreographic languages,
- Beauchamp and Feuillet (1700) cited by [Frimat], see above
- Schlemmer, cited and illustrated by Goldberg.
- Laban.


- Specialized journalist: Rosita Boisseau.
- See Catherine Langlade.
> The tiller girls (2010) Youtube. Dancer robots.


< Danse et nouvelles technologies, by Andrea Davidson. Bains numériques, Enghien-les-Bains, 2005.
< [Berger-Lioret 2012 ] p. 90, 186.
- Understand what makes a pirouette beautiful. A research team at Queen Mary’s School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science and at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have cooperated with Italian dancer Roberto Bolle to capture his moves and analyze them through different technological processes (12/5/2011).
- 3D video serves dance in the Pina film: "The come back or relief to cinema has decided Wim Wenders to realize an old project of documentary about Pina Bausch". (Sonovision, April 2011).
- Les robots maîtres du ballet, at Seoul dance festival (2010).
- Dance and new technologies. 5 pages in MCD, June-July 2010.
- Communication (16 pages) in [Adams 2008] : Advances in expressive animation in the interactive performance of a Butoh dance. by Jürg Gutknecht, Irena Kulka, Paul Lukowicz and Tom Stricker (all of them 'ETH Zurich but Paul Lukowicz, Passau university).
< Interagir avec les technologies numériques. by Florence Corin (ed). Nouvelles de Danse. Contredanse, Bruxelles, 2004.
- Contrôler par l'expressivité du geste l'environnement sonore et visuel dans les systèmes interactives multimodaux. Article by par Antonin Camurri, Barbara Mazzarino and Gualtiero Volpe in Interagir avec les technologies numériques (Bruxelles, Contredanse 2004).
- Digital dance. SH No 39 (December 2004, concepts, quoting an article in Le Monde).
- Espace dynamique. by Rudolf Laban. Contredanse, Bruxelles 2003. A theorist of dance, in the 1930's, in the first Bauhaus (Kandinsky, Klee) spirit, an attempt (successful) to define a choreographic language base on spirit.





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