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Warping algorithms, according to Science Direct.

- There is a "Virtual War" chapter in the book Tactical Media, by Rita Rayley (University of Minnesota Press 20009).
- On the Japanese standpoint, see Francis Lunning (ed.) : Mechademia 4. War/Time (University of Minnesota Press 2009).

Warm, warming. Of an image. Mainly colors around yellows and reds. We don't know of any pleasant algorithm to do that. It must not be confused with an increase of saturation or a simple displacement of hues towards orange-yellow.

Warping. [Brinkmann].

Wash. Wash drawing, properly artistic, with the kind of finery that great drawing practitioners and classical painters, is difficult to be done one computer. But algorithms have existed for long (1980's at least) to fill a color into a given region, and then apply gradations there.

Water. (textures).

Modeling of a lighted water surface

- Ebert deals at length of water modeling.

Watermark, watermarking.
- A technological protection of images. [Photoshop].
- See steganograhy.
- Proceedings of IWW 2002 AH No 112 (concepts).
- Interview of Henri Maitre AH No 92.

A mathematical tool, useful in signal processing and notably images.
- related to multiresolution [Bres] pp. 98-101.
- See also [Siarry], [Ebert] and (dealt with at large)[Gonzalez].  
- Second generation wavelets and applications. by Maarten Jansen and Patrick Oonincx. Springer 2005.
- Ondelettes pour le signal numérique. and Frédéric Truchetet. Hermès 1998.
- Analyse continue par ondelettes, and B. Torrésani. EDP Sciences 1995.


Maurice Benayoun : one of the avatars of Webemotion.

Wearable. See notice

Web. See notice.

Webcam. Voir camera.

- Gramphical modeling and rendering, see [Ebert].
- Wind musical instruments, see Instruments.

Dandelions, by Bret and Couchot. Just blow onto a pressure sensor or microphone !

Woman, feminism. See gender, cyberfeminism.
- Manifesto of Maria Klonaris and Katerina Thomadaki.
< Femme digitale, by Michael Burns. Eyrolles. SH No 08 (biblio).
- Two feminist authors:
. Donna Haraway: in particular Simians, Cyborgs, and Women, Routledge, 1991.
. Karla Jasso : Arte Tecnología y Feminismo, Nuevas Figuraciones Simbólicas Universitad Iberoamericana, 2008.

Word (winword). See text.
- Images in Winword. Easy.
- Space. [Ebert].

Work (of art). More on French version (oeuvre)

The control workstation of Reeking Havoc, according to Digital Media Oreilly.

- Frédéric Martel  : Mainstream. Enquête sur cette culture qui plaît à tout le monde. Flammarion 2010.
- Alexis Blanchet : Des pixels à Hollywood. Pix'n Love 2010 .

Workflow. See production notice.

- Pulpit. Control workstation. For light control "evolution of pulpit controls, from a manual operation to a digital operation (memory pulpit) and afford to work more deeply on the rendering quality and the global design " Daniel Brochier, light designer, interviewed by Michelle Davène in KR Home-Studio, Feb.-March 2011. (Our translation).

- Virtual world definition by IEEE.
- Space, coordinates system [Ebert].
- Digital worlds and games :
- See cartography, landscape.

Computer writing... with humor, according to ldswriters blog.

Writing, writer. See notice about text.






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