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Pia Myrvold Shows


"The Metamorphoses of the Virtual 5+5". K11 Shanghai, July 4 – September 7, 2014. Today Museum, Beijing - lecture. July 12, 2014. Pace Beijing

"We Love Video this Summer" group show . July 26 - September 5, 2014 

Nomination for Opline Art Prize 2014. Nuit Blanche, Paris .

Galleri Ramfjord, Oslo "Truth on the Edge of Reality" solo show October 11 - November 2, 2014  

Variation Media Art Fair, Paris October 20 - 26, 2014   

Centre Pompidou, Paris "Art Avatar" November 8, 2014 - January 4, 2015

China - K11 Art Museum Shanghai "The Metamorphoses of the Virtual 5+5" The exhibition series "The Metamorphoses of the Virtual", created by Pia MYrvoLD in 2013, presented its second edition, "5+5", at the K11 Art Foundation in Shanghai, with a selection of French and Chinese artists. 
Curated by David Rosenberg, who was one of the writers for the "The Metamorphoses of the Virtual" catalogue in Venice 2013, the exhibition received more than 30.000 visitors, and attracted press from China and abroad.  
The New York Times selected it as one of 10 global culture events of the Summer.
In connection with the exhibition, Pia MYrvoLD has published a new catalogue with english texts by Rex Bruce, Christine Buci-Glucksmann and Peter Frank, with Chinese translations.  



China. Today Museum Beijing. A lecture organised by the Norwegian Embassy in Beijing    
Pia MYrvoLD held a lecture presentation at the TODAY Museum, giving a comprehensive understanding of her interdisciplinary art history for more than 30 years.
The lecture can be viewed at:





China - Pace Beijing . Pace Beijing, in the 798 Art Distict, invited Pia MYrvoLD to exhibit her mono loop "Transforming Venus" in the group show "We Love Video this Summer", curated by Lin Leng.







France. Opline Nomitation. Pia MYrvoLD is nominated for the prestigious Opline 2014 contemporary rt prize in France.

OSLO - Galleri Ramfjord . Pia MYrvoLD - "Truth on the Edge of Reality", solo show. October 11 - November 2, 2014. Pia MYrvoLD will shows mono loops, paintings and prints from "FLOW a work in motion 2011" to recent work leading to her next project Art Avatar in Centre Pompidou, exploring the dualities and dialectics between real and virtual spaces.

Paris. Variation Media Art Fair. October 23 - 26, 2014. During FIAC art week, the satellite art fair Variation, dedicated to new media art, presents a selection curated by Dominique Moulon.

Paris - Centre Pompipdou. - Art Avatar". November 8, 2014 - January 4, 2015. During the blockbuster Jeff Koons exhibition, Pia MYrvoLD continues her 20 years investigation of the new relationships between viewer and artwork, in a more modest location on the sub level Studio 13/16.   
An immersive 300m2 installation, "Art Avatar" shows key artworks using 3D animation tools to redefine parameters in sculpture and paintings. Through interactive interfaces, the public co-creates virtual sculptures as avatars, while moving through sensor-activated areas, further experiencing the language of the artist’s work.  
Curated by Boris Tissot, the production involves artists and programmers Eric Wenger, Yann Minh, and Lm3labs of Tokyo. 
Partners include Unity, EGE AS, Vitenfabrikken, Panasonic, Conventor AS, and IKM Haaland.

Pia MYrvoLD - MYworLD Studios. Paris, France.