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Thinware Media and TVPaint Announce Partnership

This week the Ottawa International Animation Festival has kicked off with scores of animated shorts and features from all over the world.

At the OIAF, Thinware Media, makers of 'StudioCAP', and TVPaint, makers of one of the most used 2D paint animation software tools in the industry, announce a partnership to offer a streamlined workflow--benefitting animation artists and studios globally. Please review and consider posting this news release in your Animation/ Business news column.

Best.Kevin G. Clark - for Thinware Media cell (702) 481-6236
Contact for TVPaint: Fabrice Debarge Tel: +33 387 17 35 98

Strategic Relationship will Provide Animation Studios Faster, Cost-Effective Project and Asset Management, Integrated with Popular 2D Digital Animation Software Package

VANCOUVER, B.C and MAIZIERES LES METZ, FRANCE—September 22nd 2011—Ottawa International Animation Festival—Thinware Media Ltd., developers of StudioCAP workflow automation and asset management for animation studios, and TVPaint Développment, France, makers of 2D bitmap-based animation software, today announced a new strategic partnership that will offer customers a seamless technology integration. TVPaint animators and artists will be able to create and manage their 2D animation assets in a streamlined production pipeline, completely managed via StudioCAP cloud computing asset management.

StudioCAP (CAP=Computer Aided Production) is a completely new workflow automation and asset management solution for animation studios. Its cloud-based system enables studios to more efficiently store, track, and move 2D and 3D CGI (computer generated image) assets through the creation process without having to install and manage a costly IT infrastructure to do so. TVPaint is a professional 2D bitmap-based animation software for drawing, painting, storyboarding and visual effects used by animation artists for episodic broadcast television, motion pictures, or any type of digital animation.

“TVPaint has been a part of the animation curriculum at Capilano University in North Vancouver B.C. for quite a few years, and that’s where we got introduced into the Vancouver 2D animation industry—and the excellent project management software called StudioCAP, from the team at Thinware Media,” said Fabrice Debarge, Sales Director at TVPaint Développment. “We’re excited to attend OIAF in Ottawa, and announce the partnership between TVPaint and StudioCAP, and how it can help our customers realize an efficient workflow that eliminates the frustration of working with separate software tools,” added Debarge.

Together, StudioCAP and TVPaint will offer animation production studios a streamlined way to create and manage TVPaint 2D art production files and assets more effectively, with tight integration between TVPaint and StudioCAP. This iterative production pipeline will allow artists to focus on the creative process—while their TVPaint assets are tracked and managed ‘in-the-cloud’ with StudioCAP.

“At OIAF we are pleased to introduce TVPaint customers with a better project and asset management solution from StudioCAP," said Mark Rocchio, CEO of Thinware Media Ltd. "StudioCAP will undoubtedly simplify how TVPaint customers will be able to manage their content from script to design through to animation and final composition."

About Thinware Media

Thinware Media is an established animation services studio and creators of StudioCAP, a Web-delivered asset management system—designed and created in-house, in a real-world production environment—with the objective of helping animation studios and companies create more content, faster, and with greater operation flexibility and competitive cost-of-use/ per-seat pricing. StudioCAP offers tracking systems for CGI projects, with easy integration into established pipelines, providing more visibility as to where assets are in the production pipeline. With Studio Computer Aided Production (StudioCAP) the business and creative process become the focus, and relegates infrastructure technology (IT) obligations into a supporting role. For more information, visit

About TVPaint Développment

TVPaint Développment, based in France, has been creating digital paint and animation software for 20 years. TVPaint software was created originally as a 32-bit painting software for the Amiga system and has evolved over the years to be regarded as one of the preferred 2D digital animation software packages running on PC, Macintosh, and Linux OS platforms. TVPaint Animation software today serves artists and production studios all over the world, helping create all forms of 2D animation from animated broadcast episodics, to feature animated films, commercial and web-based animated content.

For more information, visit, or email

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