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ACM Siggraph Digital Artists Community

Message from the ACM (we read it too late, sorry).

Please submit your nominations for the award through the ACM SIGGRAPH website by visiting the URL listed below and clicking on "Artist Award Chair." Please include as much information about your nominee as possible, including web links. Nominations must be submitted through the ACM SIGGRAPH website in order to be considered.

or go directly to:

The Distinguished Artist Award is presented annually to an artist who has created a substantial and important body of work that significantly advances aesthetic content in the field of digital art. ACM SIGGRAPH members are invited to nominate individuals for the Distinguished Artist Award by contacting the Artist Award Chair by December 15 each year. Nominations should include as much information about the nominee as possible, specifically:

    Name(s) of the individual(s) being nominated (address and/or phone number and/or email address are also appreciated).
    References to web sites showing the artist's works and texts when applicable (multiple references are welcome).
    Nominator's name, address, telephone number, and email address.
    A statement describing the significance of the artist's contributions according to the criteria below.

Criteria for the Distinguished Artist Award:

    The artist has been contributing internationally to the digital arts for more than 20 years.
    The artist has produced important work(s) referenced in digital art history/theory papers/books.
    The artist has established an unexplored area in the field of digital art/media art.
    The artist has been advancing the use of digital technologies in creative expression.
    The artist has contributed to the history and/or theory and/or practice of digital art through writing and presentations at conferences and symposia.

Past Awardees

2016 Steina Vasulka

2015 Lillian Schwartz

2014 Harold Cohen

2013 Manfred Mohr

2012 Jean-Pierre Hébert

2011 Charles Csuri

2010 Yoichiro Kawaguchi

2009 Lynn Hershman Leeson

2009 Roman Verostko

Visit ACM SIGGRAPH Digital Arts Community at: