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FMX, Stuttgart (Germany)

May 2-5 . Animation Films

International Conference on Animation, Effects, VR, Games and Transmedia

The Conference Website . For reference, the 2016 program.

"Reconnect with Bruno Simon (Renault), Philippe Quéau (UNESCO), Jeff Kleiser (Synthespian Studios) and Marc Petit (Epic Games) at FMX 2017 only 3 hours away from Paris Gare de l’Est (direct TGV connection to Stuttgart).

"FMX 2017 has a lot to offer: Enjoy the highlights of SIGGRAPH. Learn more about sound design and sound mixing for VR/AR. Discover the Blackbird project by The Mill and Epic and how they partnered to use a game engine in real-time to do what Renault did 25 years ago with high-end silicon graphics (By the way, don’t hesitate and look for the amazing video on YouTube. Just search “Racoon – Bruno Simon – Renault”). It is the proof that the first virtual production studio ever was a French project! Meet Sci-Tech Award winners in Christophe Hery’s Lighting and Rendering series of talks. Explore storytelling with Jan Pinkava (“Geri’s Game”) or Theodore Ushev (“Blind Vaysha”). Chat with Peter Lord (Aardman). Be part of the discussion “Is Brexit an opportunity for European countries.” Explore Real Time Production Pipelines with Jon Peddie from Jon Peddie Research (JPR). Immerse yourself in amazing 360° experiences with Jessica Brillhart (Google) or Max Planck (Oculus Story Studio / “Dear Angelica”) at the Planetarium Stuttgart. Kill robots during “Robo Recall” (Epic Games). Discover the latest Fan Made Projects. Enjoy a special event followed by a screening of “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.”






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