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Just two sheets of paper, but in Space ...

From Dream to Pieces

June 9 - July 27, 2017. at Galerie Charlot, Paris;

How to cast a dream into marketable art pieces? Once more, the magic alchemist Valérie Hasson-Benillouche in her Galerie Charlot does the job for a famed artist, Eduardo Kac.

Around a minimalist work, two strong sheets of white paper, several kinds of pieces are borne. First the video in Space, filmed by the French astronaut Thomas Pesquet during his long stay in the space station, to graphic print, souvenir boxes and even to small tapestries mounted on canvas.

We may see it as a global oeuvre, planned and designed top down from a concept and multiplied in small various formats. Planned at the right time when our astronaut comes back to earth, and prepared by another special exposition at Charlot, Archeonautes (April 28 - June 3),

fontaine agam
... down to a small framed tapestry!

Charlot has yet done this kind of construction for other artists, for instance Anne-Sarah Le Meur or Jacques Perconte. But not on the same scale. And this time there is something more : bring home the box or the tapestry and Space will come along with all its powerful fascination.

Is it digital art? Not in the deep sense of algorithmic base like Antoine Schmitt's oeuvre. But certainly with a digital axis the global generation process of this show. And more directly in the computer controlled making of the tapestry (on this domain, see our fabrics notice).

But isnt'it a form of transmedia art? Let's just wait the time when Charlot will acquire a TV chain and launch and launch a series on the love affair of digital art and space odyssey.

P.B. June 8.















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