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PIDS Genie Awards : Boring !

(Direct feedbadk. Short revisions on the morning. Subject to comments (see belowà and, let's hope, more positive feelings).
Our general info and comments about PIDS.

Beautiful, seamless, perfectly organized... the Awards ceremony was perfect, with outstanding images and the well seasoned process of nominees, short film extracts, grand music, and winner announcement by sponsors representatives or fellow artists.

No doubt the special effets industry in France is powerful and successful.

But this session confirms our feelings of a desperate lack of artistic innovation as well as a radical deconnection of this art from the real word. In a period where the Word is a permanent seism of economic, ecologic and political dramas, not indeed without some hopes, animation cinema keeps repeating clichés and recycling some great successes like Matrix or Avatar. With their unrelented violence, rare love and omnipresent war and monsters.

Does'nt such an art practice bear its share of responsibility in the de-braining of people and the rise of "populist" politics and the radicalization of political action and discourse, frome Daech to Putin and Trump.

It's quite like painting at the end of the 19th century. Perfect techniques but "pompier" inspiration. It took a long time before the art world understood the Impressionists or Cézanne. And a little more to the radical breakthroughts of Picasso and Duchamp.

How long wil we have to wait for the emergence of something really new ? And more appropriate politics finding in art illustration as well as inspiration ?


Pierre Hénon (ACM Siggraph France Chair): You did'nt see the community.
“This kind of event is always difficult to manage, but I find that it gets better year after year. And the concept of a VFX Academy gets substance.

”More and more firms quote their nominations or awards, which proves that the process works actually.  It’s also an opportunity for meeting and networking. You would have been more positive if you had taken part in the exchange before and after the formal show.

“Of course, the ambiant was notably dimmed by the absence (for health matters) of the day’s star, Joe Letteri (Wikipedia).  On the other hand, the homage to Pierre Buffin brought feeling… event if the founder and CEO of BUF Company is more at ease creating sublime images than speaking on stage.

Alain Le Boucher (artist). Trump hides also in non-read books.
You hit harshly, bur rigthtly (so do I think).

By the way, you could say the same, nearly word for word, about the next Fiac. The pending question is still : why are we so glued to routine ?

On the other hand, the time we spent in front of screens is as so much lost for reading and autonomous thinking. Will I dive into the Marcel Gauchet four 750 pages volumes... when I am still in the first quarters of Piketty. Buf of course it's better than some youngers of mine which at best read some 500 pages per year.

Trump hides himself also in non read books ...





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