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Mickail Margolis: Russian Voodoo (2017). Move the strings, and you will cut a tree

Art Paris: Digital Classics, and some fun

Globally, 2017 Springs looks like the former years. Some galleries and artists, no deep breakthrough (the kind we expect in our 2016 interim report), but some fresh news and a some peel of humor.

Charlot presents Vernhes, Paré, Margolis.
Paré shows a grid of car antennas moving up and down, driven through an Arduuino board. The code uses random functions, with slow movements (to spare the motors) and an impression of global moves. Clever !
Eric Vernhes shows « De Notre Nature », « Ses nuits blanches », « Chaman » et une « Figure ».
The digital novelty, and fun, is brought by Mikhail Margolis (our, quite poor, picture at right).

Lélia Mordoch shows several works of Miguel Chevalier, who at present is particularly active in large pieces, like his virtual garden in Chaumont. Some pieces by Le Parc and Morellet confirm the continuity of (nearly-)digital art since the 1970's. But the major part of the large stand is dedicated to Alain Le Boucher new works. Among them (here also some kind of fun) his "David's Square", taking to a meditation about Judaïsm today.

A lot of interest for Chalon narrative machines

Olivier Waltman attracts a lot of visitors with three pieces by Fabien Chalon, not new as far a we have seen, and perhaps not deeply digital, but operating complex and lively scenarios.

La Ligne hosts a lot of artists, of geometrical more than digital inspiration, evoking the favorites of Denise René (not present the fair). To be noted, a set of abstract works by Vera Molnar "Hommage to Vincent Van Gogh".

Claude Lemand sells, to aid Syrian children, "Four Digital Creations", algorithmic black and white large prints.










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