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Dada at Charlot's. When the Cloud gets Ground

Sept. 8 - Oct. 9, 2017. at Galerie Charlot (Paris). More info. Opening Sept. 7.

Link Art Center will present an abstract of the exhibition Dada Club Online, curated by Fabio Paris. An exhibition designed and born on the web and now shown in the traditional gallery format.

An access to all the project's works. To get the catalog (order or download).

Diccan's comments:
1. It is well in line with the Charlot's alchemic tradition to transmute any kind of digital art into pieces that can be hung (and sold) in the traditional "white cube" structure of a gallery.
2. The link between recent and vintage digital and pre-digital works is also a strategic axis at Charlot's (as it has been for long years at the nearby Denise René's Espace Marais).
2. It is another expression of the dynamic international strategy of the Gallery, which has also a partnership with the German Dam and a subsidiary in Tel-Aviv. is a collaborative project designed to celebrate the 100 years of Dadaism.
For a year, published high quality digital copies of a selection of Dada works and invited artists from all over the world to download them and use them in their work :

A selection of original Dada works from the Campiani Collection and their remixes by contemporary artists will be presented at Galerie Charlot.

Dada works by : Marcel Duchamp, Man Ray, Paul Citroën, Lazlo Moholy-Nagy

With works by : Andreas Agam, Domenico Barra, Aram Bartholl, Vasiliki Biska, Camilla Bassani, Marco Cadioli, Vuk Cosic, Ludovic Coutinho, Giovanni Fredi, Emilie Gervais, Fausto Gilberti, Thomas Israel, Jodi, Inhye Lee, Jan Robert Leegte, Raquel Meyers, Esther Miquel, Rick Niebe, Zaven Paré, Leonardo Petrucci, Giulia Ravi Ravasi, Intimidad Romero, Evan Roth, Heinz Kralle Schielmann, Ubermorgen, Eric Vernhes, Paolo Visentini






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