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Variation: Women at Parity

Nov. 15-25 Paris Website

Every year, Dominique Moulon, curator of Variation, discovers new talent. This year, among the 42 artists on show, 24 are new (or at least, were unknown to diccan up to now).
A striking constatation: 10 among these 24 are women. That contrasts with the proportion of 18% women which has been quite constant since the 1970's.

The selected artists (the links on new digital artists are not presently operational).
We will develop our analyses in the days to come, specially after the opening (Nov. 14) and the Algorists guided visit (Nov. 22).


Two points to be looked-at:
- trend towards the post-digital (notably the digital world as topic (much) more than a tool, a process
- link with the Moulon's book.

Get all the artists and the works they presented in the catalog. They are not all digital artists properly. Let's list here those which we deal with in diccan:

Samuel Bianchini Multimedia
Thibault Brunet Photography
Martin Bricelj Baraga New. Interaction. Mainly a sculpture.
James Yuxi CAO Slow algorithmic video.
Charles Carmignac New. Music. Here he shows a fabric immerged in water and slowly moving.
Grégory Chatonsky / A slow combination of videos.
Pascal Dombis / A black and white textual composition.
Mark Dorf / New. Photography, marginally digital.
Felicie d'Estienne d'Orves .
Thierry Fournier . A curved neon tube.
Benjamin Gaulon / A telephone
Claudia Hart /New . 3D modeling
Pascal Haudressy / Video
Eduardo Kac / Bio-art, Multimedia. Here an embroidery expression of Archeonauts.
Esmeralda Kosmatopoulos New. Conceptual art. Several connected smartphones;
LAb[au] / Moving sculptures
Pe Lang / Kinetic
Fabien Léaustic / Video and composition. Here a set or neon tubes, writing "Hello world" in large side (around 2x2 meters)
Marie Lelouche / New. Interaction. One photography.
Solimán López / New. Impressive generative installations.
Xavier Lucchesi / New. Deeply worked on radiographies.
Mathieu Merlet-Briand /New . Here one photography.
Albertine Meunier . A book.
Jonathan Monaghan / New
Philippe Perrin / A still picture of a boxing ring, with the sound of a match commentator.
Lucie Planty / A painting.
Bertrand Planes / Kinetic
Sabrina Ratté / Video
Po Sim Sambath / New
Nicolas Schöffer / Kinetic. A set of mirrors rotated by motors. The whole process is controlled by a time switch cam
Stéphane Simon / New
Dominique Sirois / Installations and performance
Jeanne Susplugas / Light sculpture
Javiera Tejerina Risso / New. Film displayed on a series of smartphones
Myriam Thyes / New. Video with psychological/political topics.
Katie Torn / New
Lukas Truninger / Multimedia
Miyö Van Stenis / Poet











PAS Algoristes

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