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Summer Show at Olivier Waltman

July 20 - Sept. 3, 2017. Olivier Waltman Gallery, Paris More info

Digital pieces by Alain Le Boucher and Fabien Chalon. Both these artists are sculptors and use computers and programming extensively to create "living" pieces. But they follow very different tracks.

Chalon uses a computer to pilot his narrative sequence of mechanical moves, including sound and smoke generation, and sometimes even video through small screens. The pieces of Le Boucher are mechanically static. When the electric feed is shut, the works stands as a sculpture by itself. When lit, the moves are created by lines and arrays of web (generally white), controlled by several micro-computers according to a combination of algorithms and random choices.

By the way, the Paris digital art galleries follow different strategies. None of them limits itself to digital pieces. But Waltman and Mordoch follow a traditional pattern of untitled group shows, mainly devoted to new pieces but with also more vintage contemporary art. Denise René focuses on kinetics (with or without computers). N. Marino is more on optics. As for Charlot, the last shows have been designed as conceptual works of art per se. Anyway, all of them are keen to innovate. And, as far as we know, reach their public.





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