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Bozar Electronic Arts Festival

Sept. 14-30, 2017. Brussels. More info

For the sixth time now, the multidisciplinary Bozar Electronic Arts Festival (BEAF) will occupy every corner of the Centre for Fine Arts. Over several days this festival presents the broadest possible view of the electronic arts, at the cutting edge of art and technology.

The festival has a minimalist Oscar nominee and Golden Globe winner as its musical headliner, in the shape of Jóhann Jóhannsson, composer of soundtracks for, among other films, Arrival and the new Blade Runner. During this long and particularly eclectic music weekend (26 to 30.09) the highly versatile Australian Ben Frost presents his new album and American composer William Basinski offers the Belgian premier of his emotional tribute to David Bowie. Producer and shoegazer Pantha du Prince puts on an exclusive show, and the Japanese queen of avant-garde, Phew, plays a new album after 20 years. Among the performances in the impressive Horta Hall will be SpaceTime Helix, for which artist Michela Pelusio designed and made her own opto-acoustic instrument.

The winners of the international innovation competition, Starts Prize 2017, unveil their winning installations, and six Belgian women artists tackle science and technology in the Tendencies exhibition.The Feat exhibition features six works by artists who leave their comfort zone to participate in collaborative scientific research, tackling diverse problems from carbon capture to monitoring pollution.

Estonia, one of Europe’s digital pioneers, takes over the European Presidency and, alongside state of the art cyber theatre from Demultiplexia (on 14.09), gives us a selection of astonishing digital video art in The Archaeology of the Screen. The Estonian Example, an exhibition which will inaugurate BOZAR Lab, BOZAR’s brand new exhibition space for media art . All exhibitions are free of charge and run from 14.09 to 30.09.


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