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Miles Davis and Deep Purple stored on DNA

Oct.2, 2017. Washington_State The full paper

Scientists Store Miles Davis and Deep Purple Audio Recordings on DNA in a Historic First
An article in International Business Times, by Aristos Georgiou

Researchers at the University of Washington (UW) and Microsoft say they have successfully encoded two high-quality audio recordings onto artificial DNA, which they say is the first time this has been accomplished for the purposes of long-term data storage.

The researchers stored "Tutu" by Miles Davis and "Smoke on the Water" by Deep Purple, and were then able to decode and read back both recordings with 100-percent accuracy. The two songs equate to 140 MB of stored data, and the researchers hypothesize that storing 6 petabytes of data would result in an artificial DNA strand smaller than a grain of rice.

In addition, the total estimated amount of data in all of the accessible Internet could fit onto a DNA storage device the size of a shoebox, says UW professor Luis Ceze. "DNA, nature's preferred information storage medium, is an ideal fit for digital archives because of its durability, density, and eternal relevance," he notes.
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