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Critical Art by Lund at Gennevilliers

Oct. 12 - Dec. 9, 2017. Gennevilliers (near Paris) More info. Jonas Lund in diccan.

Is it art, politics or education? Anyway, Critical Mass, by Jonas Lund, presented in Gennevilliers opens an active space for thinking and teaching the deceptive facets of Internet.

Its efficiency is fostered by a serious "Dossier pédagogique" and by the competence of its curator Aude Launay, well assisted by a mediation staff.

It can also be considered a research project, as it was explained by Lund at ENS within the Artificial Imagination seminar of Gregory Chatonsky. The artists accepts not only some kind of interaction of the public with his work, but calls any spectator to give advices on the work and the curation, allowing the work to progress in time. But, as by the way, it shows the limits and dangers of such an approach.

For algorithmic minded artists, this work may look quite poorly creative or generative, or even a kind of deception. But it actually is a rich and coherent assembly of various devices in order to help a wide public, kids included, to understant the hidden layers of the Web.


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