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Signal Festival: Videomapping

Oct. 11-15 , 2017. Prague. More info

Prague after Dark Will Come Alive with Light for Four Days in October!

The Signal Festival of videomapping and light art will light up the historical center of Prague for the fifth time in October. The exhibition of new technologies will liven up Old Town Square, Hybernia Palace, The Fruit Market, but also Kampa.

Apart from 22 installations and two routes you already know a bit about, this year we have prepared for you also several news regarding the accompanying program. As part of it, you may expect concerts, specialized lectures as well as a new cirque performance by the Losers Cirque Company and their latest performance Collapse.

When creating this artistic performance, the team of the acrobatic group cooperated for the first time with the Hyperbinary art studio (particularly by Amar Mulabegovic and Jan Šíma) which brought the audio-visual scene.

On the program

6 videomappings during each night

On the facade of Tyršuv dum you can travel in the parallel universes with stereoscopic 3D videomapping projection by the Barcelona's artist Filip Roca. 3D videomapping is one of the paid installations of the festival. The ticket including the necessary 3D glasses costs 50 CZK.

The Church of St. Ludmila located at námestí Míru will host the art by the French artist Yann Nguema ranking among the current top artists in the field. His work Caryatyds makes an impression of movement of tens of thousands of stones which the artist managed thanks to his own software being developed for his work for four years. Thus, the videomapping works with each of approximately 50 thousand bricks forming the facade of the Church of St. Ludmila. Prior to beaming the videomapping, you will have a chance to participate in its counting, send your molecule and thus start the videomapping via an interactive game by Mercedes-Benz.

The Church of St. Ludmila will host also the celebration of 5th birthday of the SIGNAL festival. Every festival night always from 11:00 pm its facade will host all five videomappings created for this dominant monument of Prague 2. Come to remind yourselves the installation Khôra by the Czech studio The Macula, Evolution by Spanish Onionlab, Escape by Hungarian artist Bordos as well as the artworks and Point Line Surface Solid by German artist Daniel Ross. The end of almost 45minute-long projection will be concluded by Caryatyds by Yann Nguema.

Young and perspective artists

AVU Intermedia 1 students, art group BLOK_4 and the project Heardt have formed a new section of SIGNAL CALLING, with the patron CT art. The objective of this section, where we selected the projects from an open tender, is to support perspective artists working in the Czech Republic.

Installations of the students of the intermedia atelier of Milena Dopitová at AVU let you become the object of the whole artwork in the installation Anonymous Illusion and experience themselves in bigger-than-life size. The group BLOK_4 enables you in the Mirror Chapel of Klementinum to try out via the installation Level in reality, how optical illusion of oscillation of waves works and the project Heardt that has recently returned from the legendary festival Burning Man will beat up the structure of human heart via piano.

Fascinating projection and interactive installations

An image comprised of countless separated stories that gradually match up each other as a thrilling movie. That is a form of installations Mécaniques Discursives by the artists Fred Penella and Yannick Jacquet from the visual label Antivj. At Cihelná It will guide you on the journey from Gutenberg's time to the contemporary digital world and to two substantially different epochs that are, however, interconnected by the technological intervention.

You will have a chance to go through a 35-meter-long tunnel that plays with the relation of space, time and human senses at the Old Town Square in the installation Playmodes made by the Spanish authors. In the special version of the installation Beyond with the lights by the Czech company ROBE, you will get to the limit of possibilities of their senses and emotions.

Light and sound tentacles of the octopus in the installation Octopus Garden by German artists RaumZeitPiraten will occupy the garden of Anežský klášter (monastery). For this artwork, the most significant impulse for movement of octopuses will be you the one who can modify it with your own presence.

Gallery in impressive premises

The gallery zone at the SIGNAL Festival is a new arrival for this year. It comprises four installations at: Colloredo-Mansfeld Palace, Klementinum Mirror Chapel, House U Stýblu and DUP39. The places which are in some cases rarely accessible will host light installations frequently utilizing specific features of the particular premises.

Installations Wave Interference by the Canadian artist Robyn Moody will liven up the hall at the Colloredo-Mansfeld Palace via kinetic installations comprising 88 neon lights and the organ. Klementinum Mirror Chapel will host a game presenting the possibilities of human eye in the installation Surface by BLOK_4. At House U Stýblu the Czech studio Lunchmeat will present their intensive audio-visual study on one of the floors of the House in the installation Henge. The gallery zone is concluded by DUP39 where the German label raster-noton will present its project White Circle, acoustic-architectonic area conceived as an audio-visual installation.


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