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Painting facing the Digital

Nov. 17, 2017. Nanterre (near Paris) More info

A research team in University Paris1, unit "Esthétique et science de l'art" (ED 179) presented a state of its studies along a full day of lectures, directed by Radmila Urosevic, who is preparind a PhD thesis on "Surface as interface. From the painting medium to its show venue (La surface comme interface. Du support de la peinture à son lieu d'exposition).
The lecturers:
- Elsa Ayache, artist and student
- Dominique Jezequel, artist
- Christophe Génin (research, "Street art, or the cities tattooed in the cloud")
- Jean-Baptiste Decavèle (artist)
- Pierre-Damien Huygye (research)
- Carharina Van Estvelde (artist).

This community, we feel, is exploring the borders of digital art from a painters standpoint, without immersion in the digital art community. It was surprising to hear that they do'nt know even the name of Anne-Sarah Le Meur, also an artist and a scientist in the same University.

We could perhaps conclude, as we will do about the Variation show, that we have now entered a period where digital creation is not a project per se, but only an aspect, not necessarily explicit, of our technological environment. (Conclusion subject to revision).



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