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Myrvold: Icarus, Digital Arte Povera...

31/12/2017. Sweden. More info.

In 2014, Myrvold took us to highly ambitious projects, which culminated in an exhibition at Centre Pompidou. Since then she focused on smaller projects, on the borders of fabrics and sculpture.

Her new work, Icarus, may be seen as a new form of Arte Povera, which "attacked the corporate mentality with an art of unconventional materials and style". Let her comment:

"Icarus symbolizes the romantic artist, whose impetuous, passionate and rebellious nature, with a defiance of formal aesthetic and social conventions, may ultimately prove to be self-destructive. Son of Daedalus, the master of technology and machine inventions, Icarus is Us, we who build and consume in the digital age.

"The #LightHackSculptures use of every day "over the counter" electronics as well as cast away digital gadgets, that reflect the overproduction of cheap and meaningless products geared toward consumer society. With the scribbles of electric cables, extention cords, a new kind of anti-aesthetics emerge where we usually associate the cables as something we want to hide, but cannot. We surround ourself with them out of necessity.

"The sculpture serve as a "projector" both in terms of the lighting, lamps and machines that cast light and contrast shadows into the surroundings and as a metaphor, projecting a contemporary reality of destructive behavior in productin, consumption and the handling or wastematerials, here transformed into objects of beauty. "

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