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Nuit Blanche 2018 in Paris

Oct. 6-7, 2018. Paris. More info.

"Free and open to the general public, Nuit Blanche 2018 will reveal all the ingredients that have made the public and artistic success of this major Parisian event for 16 years: a concentration of works in the outdoor public space, artists Emerging or confirmed internationals and a cooperative approach with other cultural structures or events."

Diccan's reflexions

What does this seventeenth edition reserve for us, whose line is still to "provoke meetings with audiences, artists and neighborhoods, and reinvent each year"?

On the theme "Making a common effort", the 2017 edition wanted to be a link between the web and the real, a choreography connected to bodies in exile where politics and digital compete in inventions, without masking the social and societal difficulties .

Let's bet that Gaël Charbau, who is particularly active in corporate philanthropy and who worked on the programming of the Collège des Bernardins or with the Palais de Tokyo (Jean de Loisy), will push the limits of La Chapelle even further north, between Rosa Parks and the Parc de La Villette with the Cité des Sciences and the Palais de la Découverte where he is artistic director of Bruno Maquart CEO Universcience unless he invests the Latin Quarter.

Between music, science and the artistic experience of the Centquatre, the Palais de Tokyo Les Bernardins, the Playground of the Night remains open to Gaël Charbau to bring out new artists as well digital, with their sensitivity, a sensuality between the sacred and the profane, finally to write tales and stories in the space of a Nuit Blanche that we wish him bright, open and poetic.

If today's digital and contemporary art is still poorly known by the general public, this Nuit Blanche event, both performance installation and ephemeral exhibition, contributes to this wonder of the world that artists offer us with happiness, not hesitating to plunge into popular culture to tell, become better shared.

Digital art and new digital and non-digital technologies have regularly boosted Nuit Blanche editions with video + strength of mapping. Each time since 2016, through a reflection of the artists chosen by a renowned curator, a marathon ballad is emerging in Paris:

- 2016: Dreamlike and brilliant under the sign of love with Jean de Loisy - (Palais de Tokyo) - who succeeded José-Manuel Gonçalvès (104) at the helm in 2014 & 2015

- 2017: Choreographic, digital and web to question our different ways of living and to act together with Charlotte Laubard, art historian and curator - ( CAPC Bordeaux, HEAD Geneva).

- 2018: Sensuality shares, the edition will be it conforms to "the organization of a disorder which aims to reinforce the order, the organization of the unity of beings which consolidates their discontinuity. Techno music, the unfolding of feasts, ceremonies, everything that leads to the fact that we leave the body to form a moment of continuity with others, until a temporary abandonment, is eroticism. ... / ... There is of course something erotic about the relationship between a watching eye and something showing up. " G. CHarbau, 2018 Nuit Blanche Curator.

"The success of the operation launched in Paris in 2002, is such that today, 35 major cities, from Melbourne to Tokyo, celebrate their own Nuit Blanche on the Paris model."



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