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Quayola at Charlot's Gallery

Mar.23, May 12,. 2018. Paris. More info on the Gallery. Quayola Quayola in diccan.

Like Jacques Perconte, Quayola plays on the magic of video transformation. But with a more explicitly algorithmic techniques. With use of software (proprietary as far as we know), he extracts a set of interestint points in the image, then use them to generate transformations, in a way who evokes impressionism, but with a rich set of touch types.

Following its artistic and commercial method, Galerie Charlot completes the video presentation with still images, more classic art pieces to be hung on your preferred wall.

From the press kit:

"Quayola’s first solo show in France features a series of photographic prints from 3D scans, «Remains», and the video «Jardins d’ été #2» - which pays homage to the tradition of French Impressionism. Both works have the gardens of the Château de Chaumont-sur-Loire (France) as their main subject.
"Quayola develops a new practice in the tradition of the representation of landscape, which brings the artist’s sensibility in dialogue with the disinterested and objective gaze of the machine.
"The digital matter the spectator is confronted with, it is the astonishing result of the impossible encounter between a very complex natural geometry and the inability of the machine to record this incommensurability.
" What does this imperfection reveal about the relationship of the subject with the nature at the time of the Anthropocene?"


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