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"RectoVRso" In and Off at Laval

Apr. 3-8, Laval (France).

Please find here a short resume of the documents presently availaible. Diccan will cover the show and then add comments and impressions.
See our list of works and artists, with some remarks.

Mixed and virtual art show; RectoVRso comes with the international VR meeting, Laval Virtual , which this year celebrats it 20th anniversary. This event stresses the links between art and digital innovation, and marks the creation of a dedicated center, the Art & VR Factory, founded by Judith Guez.

The "In" show. Click to enlarge the picture.

"With the digital, the participative and environmental installation of the 60's becomes immersive as well as interactive. The spectator dives into a virtual world and can intract with it on a pseudo-natural way.  

"We want to question the technological object as much as the hybridation between reality and virtuality. With art and virtual or mixed reality installations, the artist can deconstruct their medium, he can interrogate the real-time interaction, the immersion into a virtual world, the notion of space, the presence as a narrative or conceptual vector,
the relational aesthetics which creates itself between the spectator and the pieces, in other words the real/virtual continuum as a creation motor.

The show is entitled "Real matter/Virtual matter", and has two complementary parts.

Recto VRso IN is the official gallery of the event, and takes place in the hisotirc center of Laval city, the Château-Neuf esplanade. It presents 14 pieces of famed or emergent digital artists, among which Julio Le Parc, Catherine Ikam, J-P Favand, Saint Machine, G. Bachini, Pia MYrvoLD. More info

Recto VRso OFF is a track of free artistic shows, in the main cultural sites of the city, from April 3 to 8 . More 'info . PDF Documnts :

- Musée d'Art Naïf et d’Arts Singuliers Partner exhibition — “the Real and its double”

- Musée-École of la Perrine : Which perspectives for a retrospective?

- Prospective: what are today’s academy and artists propositions? , 1st PART

- Espace Gerbault“Prospective: what are today’s academy and artists propositions? 2nd PART

The "Off" show.

- Orangerie . Jardin de la Perrine The artworks La Porte et Lab’Surd question the passage between the real and the virtual.

- Bateau-Lavoir (a houseboat), visit a virtual cave (presented by Saulges Museum) and the augmented memories of an artist Camille Havas’s journey to Japan.

- Bains-Douches Exhibition of digital artworks, from the research on the virtual matter of Juan Le Parc to the explorations of the digital and real worlds by Christel Morvan and Annabelle Morvan.

- Théâtre de Laval. Exhibition “Sewn Mankind” of Anne Bothuon.

- Site propre Art.VR