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In and Off at Laval. The Artists and Works


The In Show

With headsets:

7 Alchemies. Click on the imagefor the video.

> 7 alchemies in virtual reality, by Julio Le Parc and Juan Le Parc. Seems mainly due to Juan, inspired by his father Julio. A good headset (HTC Vive) and quality images. Three works presented: anti-war, eroticism (explicit), evasion. The shapes are inspired by white and blue ceramic. These images are generated by models and not from video takes, then the quality can be optimized.

> Zero Gravity Being (Etre en apesanteur), by Chu-Yin Chen and Swann Martinez. A complex system. The spectator is engaged to set himself in a sort of net, wearing a headset.

Gwendoline Bachini. Click for the video.

> A#3 Motu by Gwendaline Bachini. Through the heaset, interact with a real dancer. With some technical limitations, for instance the visualized dancer is smaller than the real size. Due to video compressions, the images are not perfect (in contrast with Juan Le Parc, for instance) . But the interaction game, using the viewers gaze, induces cooperative movements.

> VitRails, by Nefeli Georgakopoulou, Dionysis Zamplaras and Sophia Kourkoulakou, collectif Continuum. The spectator is facing a blackboard. When he puts on the headset, he sees the same board, but when he applies his hands on the surface, he penetrates in a new universe.

> Immemoria Nicolas Bazoge, Marin Esnault, Denez Thomas, Alice Bossuat (Université de Rennes). Explores the relations of images and the spectators voice.

Without headsets

> Point-Cloud Portrait Jeanne, by Catherine Ikam, Jean-Louis Fléri and Tomas Muller . A video using moving clouds of points to give life to a face. Some interaction wih the visitors.

Chia-Chi and Isdant: Shortened Body.

> Shortened Body (Corps Raccord) by Chia-Chi Chiang and Raphaël Isdant. Got the award (though not properly VR, not even properly immersive). The graphic effect requires that 2 spectators are cooperating: when they join hands and have the other hand on the system sensors, lines and graphic patterns flow between the two poles on the screen.




Hybrid sensorium, click here for the video

> Hybrid Sensorium, by Saint Machine. See Feed me ritual. Was presented at Ars Electronica 2017 (see video). Does not use headsets. You immerse yoursefl into the presentation (video or generative images, cloudy) inside a sphere.

> Art Avatar, Interface with Virtual Mirror, by Pia Myrvold . Videos of her presentations elsewhere, for instance in Paris

> Elfe, by Jean-Paul Favand . Video mapping on pieces of driftwood
> Anima, by Elhem Younes . Interaction using eye tracking.
> Magic Flowers by Patrick Appere and Claire Sistach . Seems to be an interactive video. (We have no data, but the research of Sistach at least is worth a click).
> Numerica, by Julien Lomet, Grégory Penneter, Yves Bocquelet and Alexandra Brun. Interactive video.


> Papillon 2.0 by Vincent Meyrueis. A mechanical butterfly in a cage, animated by a sensor, in a Theremin like effect.

In the Off Show

- The real and its double show a tMusée d'Art Naïf et d’Arts Singuliers
> Aliaj Angelus, by Isadora Teles de Castro e Costa & Alexandre Gomez
> The Sung Portrait, by Isadora Teles de Castro e Costa & Alexandre Gomez
> The Skin Theory, by the Ascidiacea Collective. Explorations on sound.

- Which prospects for a retrospective? at Musée-École of la Perrine
> Dandelion byMichet Bret, Edmond Couchot and Marie-Hélune Tramus
> Brain Factory by Maurice Benayoun
> Uzo. A art project for a virtual realitygame, by Inrev (laboratory in Paris 8 University)
> The Sung Portrait, by Isadora Teles de Catro y Costa and Alexandre Gomez (see above)
> Aliaj Angelus, see above.
> Roswell, by the Spatial Media group. Research more than art,

Chanhthaboutdy : Interactive Vanity.

> Interactive Vanity 3.5 by Somphout Chanhthaboutdy, with a headset
> Jumanji-i-Real, by Amandine Body, Lauryna Chinappen, Evan Giraud and Yohann Rouille (Savoie-Mont-Blanc University). A game mixing real and virtual worlds.
> Aster, by Thomas Nicolas, Sarah Le Joubioux-Fernandez and Victoria A. Dujardin. A game. (Savoie-Mont-Blanc University)
> Skrimsli, by Khouloud Fatnassi, Lucie Gervais, Jorge Gomez Carmona and Noémie Sanchez. (Savoie-Mont-Blanc University)
> Tank[2] byElodie Kondracki Use of mirrors
> Geometric space (check the title and location) by Juan Le Parc. Pleasant use of a headset, since the geometric shapes can be generated with precision, since the computations are lighter than with full rendered images.

Judith Guez : Lab'Surd

- Vrac Collective, at the Orangerie, Jardin de la Perrine
> The Gate , by Jean-François Jégo, Tom Giraud, Kevin Wagrez, Guillaume Bertinet and Judith Guez. With headset to look at the other side of the gate?
> Lab’Surd by Judith Guez , Guillaume Bertinet, Kevin Wagrez, and sound by Florian Costes.

- At the Houseboat (Bateau-Lavoir)
- Dive into Japan. by Camille Havas (text and animations) and Frédéric Cartier-Lange (illustrations). Augmented memories.
- Mayenne-Sciences grotto. by The Musée de Saulges. Visit with a headset.

- At Bains-Douches. Finally cancelled:
- Artworks by Christel Morvan and Annabelle Morvan., from their research on the virtual matter.

- At the Theater
> Sewn Mankind by Anne Bothuon. through stitch and nodes and straps, gives life to artworks with her thread. at Théâtre de Laval.

- Within the Commercial Show
> Projections by Hugo Verlinde and Maa Berriet. A ten meters wide wall with four projectors. The projection changes according to the public movements.