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Art, Literature and Social Neworks

May. 21-17. 2018. Cerisy-la-Salle. More info.

Colloque - Art, littérature et réseaux sociaux. Led by Emmanuel Guez and Alexandra Saemmer.
Centre Culturel International de Cerisy-la-Salle.
Provisional program, partly translated by diccan

- Introduction, by Emmanuel Guez and Alexandra Saemmer.

- "Donc" Workshop by Raphaël Bastide, Louise Drulhe and Sarah Garcin.

- Art and Gafam
. Algorithmic imperialism and insurrection attempts, what is at stake ? by Alexandra Saemmer
. When data goes, everything goes! by Albertine Meunier
. The sweet trap benediction: the digital author facing Facebook. by Erika Fülöp.
. Teaching skills of Surf Club, by Raphaël Bastide

- Net's Theatrality:
. Make ditgital theater, by Arnaud Maïsetti.
. Digital Texts ans Scene settings, by Eli Commins. "
. The game of Literary, by Jean-Pierre Balpe.
. My Little Identity by Françoise Chambefort

- Ecocartographies of the Web
. Faux-plats, using fiction to map our political spaces , by Cécile Portier.
. A critical atlas of Internet, by Louise Druhle.

- Anonymity, Heteronymity
Praise of the invisibility, by Emmanuel Guez.
. Epiphanies of contents. Diseases and ecstates of social screens, by Gustvo Gomez-Mejia.

. From one order to another one at , by Marc Jahjah
. Summer, social graphic novel on Instagram, by Nolwenn Tréhondart
. Build an an author's posture trough networks highjacking, by Anaïs Guilet
- LiteraTube, or the the other voices, by Gilles Bonnet
- #WhatYouSeeIsWhatYouTweet, cast the World into click-words, by Gabriel Gaudette.

- History and Mediarchaeologies
. New exposition modalities of Net art by Serge Hoffman
. Image vs Data. Digital Art and mediactivism, by Jean-Paul Fourmentraux
. From the computational factory of de Gaspard de Prony to the Amazon's Mechanical Turk by RYBN
. Telematics novels 1983-85 (Ascoo, Vertige(s), The lost object ) by Camille Philibert

- Minitel and alternative landscapes
. The Minitel in terminal phase, by Jerome Saint-Clair
. From Minitel to country computing, fairy landscapes planted with algodata, by Benjamin Cadon.

- Perennization or networked arts, round table
. Art Minitel: a server rebuilt, by Stéphane Bizet
. Dead Social Networs, by Lionel Broye
. Sustaining networked art pieces and the API Google, Facebook, Twitter & co.), by Morgane Stricot

- Expositions
3615.Love Exposition, curated by Pamal.
. White zone, with Jade Chastan, Chloé Foëx (ESA Avignon) and the students of Ensav-la Cambre)

- Performances
. From banana to boot, performance by Serge Hoffman.
. Dead Minitel Orchestra, by Jérôme Saint-Clair
. Lively ephemeral swarm, by Lucile Haute, with Jade Chastan, Chloé Foëx, Laetitia Fuzeaux and Alicia Hidoud (performance).
. The animal I then am ("L'Animal que donc je suis...) by Lucille Calmel.


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