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Work in progress

Last revised 9/2/2014. Return to Major concepts. See also bio-art

The fundamentally digital base of life, with bits coded by pairs in the DNA spiral. From the Ron Lindeman website.

Life is a "gift of God"...
- Unknown origin
- Inability to create it at present (but may change in years if not months to come).
- A critical state (Bailly-Longo)
- A different relation to complexity (Chauvet) !
- Internal/external, membrane
- Self reproduction.

The dual emergence: life on earth, life in artifacts.

Basically digital. DNA/
Reproduction, reflexivity, autonomy. Individuation (if not identity proper). Species
Gender differentiation

Fossils (traces)
Progress in life. Virus and bacteria. Pluricelllular. Vertebrates.
Some cultural transmission

Progress in identity: a virus has no proper, a man has, an ape? agrain?


An enormous change of phase.
NC or some day we shall find ?

Here, the digital is deeply hidden. Life emerged 4 billions of years ago, but had to wait for Mendel () then Watson and Crick () to be perceived as digital.
Another NC. Parenchyme.

Of course, in nature, DNA bits are not representations, but programs.
Or they are features which can be reduced to binary values, language, if a perceptive system does the recognition and draws the consequences
Or if there is a threshold

Fragmentation is total (to molecules) for feeding in all living beings. Chemical.
With animals, specific organs to mechanical fragmentation: teeth, preceding the chemical fragmentation in the digestive track.

Eyes and ears

The basically digital nature of retina was perceived only in.
Then it influenced, for instance, the design of our screens (RGB). Note that, of course, there is not a one to one correspondence between the pixels and the retina cells. These two digital interfaces connect as continuous.

Humanism towards life: don't touch

Mark/signs. Intentional

Flowers. Sight and aromas. + imperceptible pheronome
Why generate complex shapes just to elicit quite simplistic answers: coming and gathering, sexual arousing. Just to make a color or olfactive signal

The territory marking by animals
Unconscious (proportionally to animal levels of consciousness)

Love parades
Expressive plays (threat:submission)

Some references

< Mathematics and the Natural Sciences. Singularity of Life. by Francis Bailly and Giuseppe Longo. Imperial college press London 2011. For deep insights in logic, mathematics, computers and life.
< Metacreation. Art and artificial life.  by Mitchell Whitelaw. MIT 2004. A strong review of life, computers and art.




Paris ACM Siggraph, the French chapter of ACM Siggraph, worldwide non-profit organization of computer graphics.





Galerie Charlot An important supporter of digital art.