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fontaine agam
Mashup Table at Fete des Courts

Mashup, really a tool for digital artists ?

Could mashup (or Mash-up, or remix) become a professional process for digital artists? A mashup table was presented this fall at Fete des Courts (see our paper) but at this time we did see it more as a toy than a professional tool and did'nt mention it in this review. Anyway, the idea is not so new (see the Remix diccan's item).

Butthe publication of a book in the arch-serious Springer Series (see below) could change our mind. This kind of tools, and notably the Mashuptable of Romuald Beugnon and Pierre-Alexandre Vigor, could perhaps open a new track in the development of software and digital art, even though it remains to be proven.

(On the same track, note Mixage Fou, sound creation competition, Jan. 23 to march 5. You have to use the sounds offered in a common database and prodce a short music (80sec.). All techniques are allowed. More information. )

A formal scheme about using mashup, from Trinh. and al, in the Springer book. It could be pertinent to compare this mode of "programming" with the Pure Data language.


The Springer Announcement

Springer announces a the volume 696 ofCommunications in Computer and Information Science: Rapid Mashup Development Tools by Florian Daniel, Martin Gaedke. It is available on the SpringerLink web site at

By clicking on the URLs below you can access the abstracts for each chapter.

ICWE 2016 Rapid Mashup Challenge: Introduction Florian Daniel, Martin Gaedke

FlexMash 2.0 – Flexible Modeling and Execution of Data Mashups Pascal Hirme, Michael Behringer

The SmartComposition Approach for Creating Environment-Aware Multi-screen Mashups Michael Krug, Fabian Wiedemann, Markus Ast, Martin Gaedke

Linked Widgets Platform for Rapid Collaborative Semantic Mashup Development Tuan-Dat Trinh, Peter Wetz, Ba-Lam Do, Elmar Kiesling, A. Min Tjoa

End-User Development for the Internet of Things: EFESTO and the 5W Composition Paradigm by Giuseppe Desolda, Carmelo Ardito, Maristella Matera

Toolet: An Editor for Web-Based Tool Appropriation by Hobby Programmers byJeremías y P. Contell, Oscar Díaz

On the Role of Context in the Design of Mobile Mashups by Valerio Cassani, Stefano Gianelli, Maristella Matera, Riccardo Medana, Elisa Quintarelli, Letizia Tanca, Vittorio Zaccaria

Challenge Outcome and Conclusion Martin Gaedke, Florian Daniel


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