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Yanminh : Happy augmented year !


The greeting card of Yanminh, and his comments :

EctØØGenesis in Prosthetic Reality. 12/2016 Website

EctØØgenesis is a variant of my aphorism " The meaning of life is survival. " from my allegory Stheno, done the year of the millennium.

EctØØgenesis represents the idea that behind the illusory mask of life of our artificial creatures there is the lithic morbidity of the machines, but, impregnated by information, they carry and perpetuate a life already mature in their matrix.Artificial creatures come from the origins of life. It is the life, in her expansion from the microcosm to the macrocosm, which, like its own immaterial origins, leads us to inform matter. Humanity is invested by the life of a cosmic quest towards the stars and the artificial creatures are the tools that will allow us to ensure her expansion in the universe.

The printing version, for the Naïa Museum, and for the 30 years of ESAT. It is possible to view the augmented reality animation by filming your screen with a smartphone with the free application EyeJack:
Digital art work in augmented reality printed with a selection of 45 other artworks done by international artists in the artbook "Prosthetic Reality" The art book in AR (fully funded in crowfunding in one week) was initiated and Edited by Sutu the Australian author of the famous augmented comics : Modern Polaxis.Http://

The video

Artist: Yann Minh
Animator: Yann Minh + Sutu 
Sound Designer: James Frew

The SUTU website 
to order the book:


PAS Algoristes

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