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Art Paris: True to Itself

Sommerer & Mignonneau, Neuromirror

Apr. 4-8. 2018. Paris More info.

In the same line as Art Paris 2017, this year show presents slightly less digital art. Vera Molnar is still present, but the major works are presented by Galerie Charlot and Lélia Mordoch.

Charlot presents a brand new piece by Sommerer and Mignonneau, Neuromirror, a "portrait in interaction". The screen is divided into three parts. The left and right ones show an image of the spectator, the central one is an anonymous head, which changes its position according to the spectator moves. A dynamic filter transforms the whole surface into a moving impressionist surface, like the reflexion in a river.
Also at Charlot's, a graphic animation by Manfred Mohr.

Le Boucher: white lacquer on the brass frame.

Mordoch shows new works by Alain Le Boucher, who tries now to paint the copper structure of his works. With a clean effect on the white canvas backgrounds. On the same gallery, Miguel Chevalier presents a sculpture made of steel solid cubes, replacing less resistant material from 3D printing in preceden years. And his new flower video Extra-Natural, is said to be generated in real time.


Chevalier: Extra-Natural

On the Grand Palais fašade, were projected video works by Camille Scherrer, Yves Netzhammer and Alan Bogana.

To be noted: here also, China is present, be it only with two art magazine (nothing digital as far as we could see). See diccan's posts about China. South Korea is "guest of honor", whithout digital art but perhaps for a night projection on the façade.



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