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Digital art market

A debate on digital market, organized by Digitalarti in 2010.

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The specificy of the digital art market is notable only in plastic arts (painting, sculpture, video). Globally, it remains small in comparison to the very active contemporary art market. Until the 2010's, digital art was in fact absent from the traditional art markets (auctions and galleries), in spite of courageous attempts by auction specialists. In 2014, due mainly to some galleries, these works begin to be present in the big art shows. Public institutions are major customers, due to the specific problems of these works (cost, difficult installations, perenniality issues), but simpler forms (prints or USB Keys, for instance) contribute to let private collectors enter the game.

In other art disciplines, such as music or performance, digital art is generally not marketed as such, with perhaps the exception of "electro" music or of groups like Daft Punk.
With transmedia, marketing becomes an integral part of creation. Several notes in [Rose].

The enormous markets of cinema and games are every year more digital in their design and implementation processes as well for their presentation to the public (for cinema) and for their use itself (for games).

The commercial hall of Siggraph
. Some references:
- The Siggraph is a major place for digital animation jobs and software. The Mifa, in Annecy (France) is an international market for animation cinema. Laval Virtual is important notably for interfacing technologies.
- Economy and sociology of art ([Menger]).
- "L'immatériel est la clé de la croissance et de l'emploi de demain" (Immaterial products give the key for tomorrow growth and employment). Laurent Habib, CE0. Havas France. Interview by le Parisien Economie, 2/5/2011.
- Hiscox ArtTactic, online art market. In 2013, a report.
- [Robertson], [Artprice], [Martel].
< Catalog + Web graphics. P.I.E. Books 2000 (no author).
- European digital agenda, a document by Centre d'analyse stratégique (French Prime Minister).

Some sources about the French market:

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width = 300
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Paris ACM Siggraph, the French chapter of ACM Siggraph, worldwide non-profit organization of computer graphics.




Galerie Charlot An important supporter of digital art.