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After a bright Spring, a warm Fall?

Digital art, for the fist time, was strongly present, last spring, in the major European art events, in Brussels and Basel. Paris takes over on this fall, with at least five important shows from october 21 to 28:

- Show Off makes the opening at Espace Cardin , from monday 21 to wednesday 23.

- From tuesday 24 to sunday 27, three shows sets the stage in parallel: Fiac in the Grand Palais, Slick on the nearby Quai de Seine and Cutlog at Atelier Richelieu (near Palais-Royal).

- Art Elysées, on Champs Elysées, starts also on the 24, but lasts one day more, closing on monday 28.

And, let's not forget, for the more cinema and computer graphics oriented, the presentation in Paris of Siggraph 2013 on tuesday 8 at BNP, Rue Bergère (Free entrance within the number of avalaible places, but inscription on the site is mandatory).

We shall of course report on these events, as in our last year's post A Great Week in Paris. The digital way will certainly be led by tShow off, with some 70 digital artists. At first look:
- The stars are here.
- We lose some of the 2012 players, mainly those whose activity is suspended, for instance due to deep creation in residences.
- We get some 40% newcomers... and veterans who come back from the pre-digital age (kinetic, light) with refreshed ideas and techniques.

In the other shows, digital art will probably be concentrated on some galleries. But, see our posts about Art Paris, Art Brussels and Art Basel, the traditional (if not conservative) world of "contempory art" has opened its picture rails to the trains of the Y-Generation. And last year we made at least one important discovery in Art Elysées.

Among the questions:
- how far will progress the most advanced techniques, like generative creation, interactive works and immersive worlds, not forgetting the "transmedia" enviroment?
- how will the public and the collectors will take it? Will the collectors forget their prejudices and dare to buy these "soft" products?
- and, of course, but that kind of information is difficult to gather by the critic, how will behave the prices?

More in the days to come.

Oct. 3/2013.







Paris ACM Siggraph, the French chapter of ACM Siggraph, worldwide non-profit organization of computer graphics.




Les Algoristes, an association of artists using their own algorithms in their work.





Galerie Charlot An important supporter of digital art.