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Digital art, Fall 2016

1. Some synthetic notes
2. The artists (newcomers and mature) and their works
3. Summary of main events

Santiago Torres

1. Some synthetic notes

Compare with precedent years : Fall 2015, Fall 2014/1 and Fall 2014/2, Fall 2013 and History for the times before.

In short, and subject to revision : a lot of works, many new artists (notably those rercuited by Dominique Moulon for Variation). A general improvement of quality and perfection, but no major breakthrough. That seems to comfort the feelings of our June interim report.

But no doubt, the digital art field remains very active, as proved for instance the long line waiting at the crowded opening of Variation (which carefully avoids the word "numérique" in its communication, as do the galleries supporting this form of art).

Some features of this fall :

- The global number of digital artists hosted in diccan rises from to 2250 last year to 2400.

- In painting and video a regular progres in image definition and quality. From the initial works of Morh or Vilder in the 1970 to their today's production an to the newcomers in the field, such as Santiago Torres, the technical progress brings by itself a new form of artistic pleasure. The first emergence of digital art raised interest mainly for technical novelty. Today it's aesthetic first. (As from Scarlatti to Mozart, if we dare this comparison).

- Surprise : Several films of digital interest in the Cinephemere festival organized by Fiac (see below)

- At least five galleries in Paris give their support to digital art (without exclusivity) : Charlot, Denise René, N. Marino, Mordoch, Waltman.

Miguel Chevalier in Saint-Eustache

- Strong video projectors allow large scale expresion and integration in architecture, as was spectacularly shown by Miguel Chevalier at Saint-Eustache.

- But, in these domains, the algorithms do'nt progress in depth. The conceptual creativity of an Howard Cohen, for instance, from the 1970's to the 2000's, remains without challengers.

- A modest presence of virtual reality

Visual system with Ircam, graphic expression of a sound signal (music ?)

- A regression on a domain we think important for the future : the visualization of data. Of course there are two stimulating novelties, with Visual System (from sound to video) and Geoffre-Roulan with Orange Labs (from city data to rotating lines). But we are far from the strong openings of the real world of Maurice Benayoun in 2008 and after, with his Mechanics of emotion expressing graphically the wolds state of mind. Digital art has still to conquer the Big Data universe. But there are interesting newcomers on the field, for instance Cheval Vert studio

Cinetica, by Martial Geoffre-Roulan with Orange Labs, expression of a city's life.

- Some 30 digital artists (26 painting/photography and 4 video) at Salon d'Automne. Mainly matte painting and use of standard tools (tablet, Photoshop and the like). Nevertheless creative, and sometimes with a very high definition of the images.

- 3D printing is not up to if ot its expectations. This technology, after machine tools and rapid prototyping, seemed to open a brand new creation field to sculptors, at least for two reasons:
- its capacity to materialize complex mathematical form and shapes
- its capacity to materialise shapes impossible to do by hand (deep and contorted holes, for instance).
This fall present works by Landron and Laric, more oriented towards reproduction from 3D scanning than towards sculptural innovation.
Note that Imal (Bruxelles) hosts a workshop about this technology in november.

A.lter S.Essio

- On stage, impressive combination of video and acrobatic dance, after Merzouki this spring, now A.lter S.Essio (these dots inside a brand name is quite painful for journalists and dictionary editors like diccan, but...).

. A touch of humor on some works, for instance the fishes of Quentin Destieu and Sylvain Huguet, or the fake Windows screens by Jankenpopp.

Manfred Mohr. Since the 1970's

- A persistent and active presence of the founding fathers (Molnar, Mohr), and even one which until had not been detected by diccan : Vilder, a Canadian algorist detected by N. Marino gallery. Several of them are still active and creative, using HD screens and computing power to enhance the quality of their displays.

Ant let's note in conclusion that some dedicated media have this fall done a lot, notably Digitalarti Media and Artjaws.

2. Artists and works recently on show or stage

(*** mark the artists new in diccan)


Photo, painting, prints
Ian Hagarty : Step at Dawn

> Step at Dawn (2016) by Ian Hagarty
> Particules de protraits (2014) by Catherine Ikam and Louis Fieri, at Centre des Arts in Enghien-les-bains.
> Paola – Feel like home. (2016) bt Marion Balac (FR), *** Framed photograph and text.
> Typologie du Virtuel. Sans Titre n°1 et n° 5
(2014) by Thibault Brunet (FR) . Inkjet print.
> Paris-Dehli series
(2016C) by Fred Delangle (FR) *** Photographs
> Terre Creuse
(2016) by Alix Desaubliaux (FR), ***, Laser print on paper.
> Non-lieu
(2016) by Thierry Fournier (FR) . Prints. He exposes also Données à voir at La Terrasse(Nanterre).
> Lines, planes and Gribouille counterpoint
(2016) by Pascal Haudressy (FR). Painting and screen.
> Roygvn
(2016) by Tomek Jarolim (FR). Prints.
> Un jour sans fin
(2016) by Carine Klonowski (FR) *** . Protocol, screen capture, argentic print.
> La couleur des nuages
(2016) by Fabien Leaustic *** (FR). Video, resin, aluminum.
> Escapologic Project by Olivier Morvan ***
> Landform 10 (2014) by Joanie Lemercier (FR) Print on dibond and projection.
> Benchmark (2016) by Eliott Paquet *** (FR) . Micropunched print on polystyrene and aluminum. >Cello Session (2013) by Michel Paysant *** (FR) . Print.
> Bren –Mk1, Luger, M14-Ebr (2015) by Lisa Sartorio (TU-FR) ***. Print on cotton.
> Works by Yann Toma *** (FR) . Charcoal and watercolor.
> Works by Yanh Minh a mis en ligne son travai en 3D sur Les Ménines.

Pascale Barret : This obscure side of sweetness is waiting to blossom.

> This obscure side of sweetness is waiting to blossom (2016) by Pascale Barret expression of his residence work in South Korea. Images generated from the physic"al world (mineral, vegetal).

> Several works by Pascal Dombis (see his news page ) in his mature graphic style.
> Futur dream (2016) by - Rachel Morellet, *** , Digital ink.
> Works by Géraud Soulhiol -***
> Works by - Vera Molnar (at Yia)
> work (2015C) by Banz & Bowinkel at Yia

- One million Years (1999) by On Kawara, artist's book, at Fiac (Michèle Didier)

At Salon d'automne
> Iggy Pop (2015C) by Alberto Russo ( Art-Spire page). Matte painting. Caricatures.
> Pierre Rabhi (2015C) by Ricko ( his blogspot. Matte painting, caricatures..
> Modern Devil (2015C) by Antonio Mora ( his website) . Matte painting.
> Underdogs (2015C) by Sebastian Magnani (his website). Digital photography
> Shyness (2015C) by Vulù Photography and processing
> Flesh and Glow (2015C) by Luc Vives *** . Photography and processing
> Radiation (2015C) by Hélène Goddyn *** . Painting and processing.
> Symbiosis (2015C) by Philippe Socquin-Brillan *** . Drawing and processing
> Amadeus (2015C) by Bernard Pourchet. Website Pixels & Cie Photography and processing.
> The Wishes Well (2015C) by Lamie Saif.*** Processing, print on aluminum
> Aricebo (2015C) by Natacha Couvelaire . Photograhy and processing. Hygh definition
> Garden of Eden (2015C) by Estelle Chomienne (aka Stellart). Deviant art page. Photoshop and tablet
> Perseverantia Visionis (2015C) by Ladislas Lachignot (aka Ladislas) ***.(Ladislasdesign website) Photography (?) and matte painting.
> The Virgin according to Max Ernst (2015C) by AGA (unknown on the web) . Digital compositing
> Mary of Nazareth in her kitchen after the Annunciation. (2015C) by Evelyne Huet Acrylic painting and processng
> Bokiki,(2015C) by Bokiki, a group formed by  Irena Vujanovic and Bojan Jovanovic(their website). Drawing, compositing and processing.
> Ferris Wheel (2015C) (2015C) by Salvatore Espina (not on the web) . Digital photograph, with little processing.
> Suppress the trauma (2015C) by Naruna Okuyama (not on the web) Matte painting.
> Colors 3 (2015C) by Michael Monney (aka Acrymx). ( website) Digital photograph
> Trace a line n°2 (2015C) by Thibault Daumain (website). Traditional drawing and digital painting.
> Anaglyphic work (2015C) by Patrice Peyronnet (website). Bi-color stereo picture.
> Work (2016C) by Angela Bullock. LED on a large black panel, shown at Fiac 2016

Visualization of data and sounds

> Oscillating Continuum (2013) by RyoIchi Kurokawa , at BAM festival, Liège (Belgium)
> Hypomnemata by Eveillard, posters about data visualization
> La valise à data by Rose Dumesny. More a workshop than a work of art.
> Visualisation kit by Samuel Huron, A workshop

About data, Martin Lambert sums up these different projects aims : Datavis is not a geometric for or infography issue. The link with with a data can be physical or emotional. The matter is : create new experiences".


> IPOCle, a phyical immsersive installation playing with smoke and lenses, by >Candaş Şişman. *** (also at BAM) . Not highly digital.
> Amplitude (2015) Laurent Bolognini (FR). Light installation
> Gamete Glass (2016 Jeanne Briand (FR), ***) Installation.
> Anarchive (2015) Masaki Fujihata (JP) . Complex installation.

Fiac Cinéphémère films

> I feel love (2014) by Anna Barnham ***
> Hiatus (1999) by Ericka Beckman ***
> Untitled (space inside) (2007) by Franck Eon ***
> Hyperlink or It did'nt happen (2014) by Cécile B. Evans ***
> Rumba II, Nomad (2015) by Cao Fei
> Negative Process (2014) by Aneta Grzeszykowska ***
> More (2015) by Judith Hopf ***
> Mars & Venus, opposition phases (2016) by Julien Audebert ***
> Chronique du monde d'avant (2014) by Le Gentil Garçon ***

Sabrina Ratté : Escales

Video or animation

> Bleu (2013) by Rimas Sakalauskas
> works by Mighel Chevalier at Art Elysées, generative vegetals (and strulcptures)
> works by Vincenzo Marsiglia (at Art Elysées),
> Escales by Sabrina Ratté,*** a video, at Chateau Ephémère (Carrières sous Poissy)
> Starfield 2016) (new version) by the Lab212 group ***, in Zurich's Muda. See the paper in Digitalarti. On a large space.
> Black Square (2016) by Antoine Schmitt àt Ya
> Forever Young (2016) by Antoine Schmitt at Yia
> Inside the black box by Yro and Sati (a music group) . Video, mostly analogic.
> Dematerialize (2015) by Pierre Amoudruz and David Guerra , with sound and voice. Politico-critical.
> Uunfold by Ryoichi Kurokawa . Video with an immersive effect due to several large screens.
> Constrained Suface by Ryoichi Kurokawa
> Memory Lane (2015) by Felix Luque and Inigo Bilbao . Video from images acquired with 3D scanning
> Horizons sans fin (2015) byJean-Marie Dallet – Sliders_lab (FR). Video installation.
> Viral Icons (2016C) by Klaus Fruchtnis (CO) ***Abstract video
> Skateboard (2016) by Shaun Gladwell (AU) *** HD video.
> Regular Division (2014) Joe Hamilton (AU) *** . Video.
> Waiting for Sleep (2016) Jean Hubert (FR) *** . Video, 3D animation.
> Assault (2016). Dani Ploeger *** (NL) Video, tablet and ammunition.

> Attract Money (2016) Systaime A.K.A Michaël Borras (FR). Video
> Data trails (2014-2016) Ali Tnani (TU) *** Generative video.
>Sunlight entering the Bronx Museum on my 50th Birthday (2030). (2013) by Raul Valverde Studio *** (USA-ES) (2013). HD video.

> Survol (2016C) by Fabien Zocco video with sound and text about the International Spatial Station around the world. See the video at Oudeis.

Miguel Chevalier in Saint-Eustache

> Voûtes Célestes (2016) by Miguel Chevalier at Saint-Eustache church
> Works by François lejault 
> works by Cruz Diez at Denise René

> Trame en temps réel (2016) by Santiago Torres Tactile PC. Graphic plays. Torres, from year to year, increases its shapes and palettes variety. At Variation.

Video at Salon d'Automne
> Troublelight (2015C) by Marco Castillo ***
> Tchernobyl, 1986-2016 (2016), by PiBee see the film ***
> Image (2015C) by Tomislav Nikolic ***
> Commemorative monument to Captain Dreyfus rehabilitation (2015C) by Aude Rain. See the website

Sculptures, more or less kinetic, robotics

> works by Alain Le Boucher (at Art Elysées) : copper frame, electronic components, micro-processors driving LEDs
> works by Eric Verhnes (at Galerie Charlot)
> works by Fabien Chalon (at Art Elysées), complex moving sculptures
> Fossiles de données, by Martin Eveillard. Not truly digital, sort of sculptures.
> Lettre morte (2003) by Renaud Auguste-Dormeuil ***. Metal letters.
> Ice Clock (2016) by Jeremy Bailey (CA), *** . 3D print alternatively developping and melting.

Idil, by Stéphane Bueller (Cheval Vert Studio).

> Idil, by Stéphane Buellet*** ( Cheval Vert studio), interaction design and dataphysicalization.

> Circualineados Alu (2013) by Elias Crespin (VE) Aluminum, nylon, motors, computer.
> The Diluted Hours (2016) by Magali Daniaux et Cédric Pigot (FR) Vinyl disc with incrusts.
> Les vagues (2015) by Caroline Delieutraz (FR). Wooden jigsaw puzzle, from Internet images
> Etalon lumière (2016) by Félicie d'Estienne d'Orves (FR) . Device with moving light.
> CleanForce 1,2,3 (2016) by Côme Di Meglio (FR), ***, Silicon sculpture
. Renaud Auguste Dormeuil (FR)
> works by Le Parc at Denise René
> works Pe Lang at Denise René

> Random Clock (2015) by Bertrand Planes *** . Modified Ikea clock

>Perspicere (2015) by Olivier Ratsi (FR)Polycarbonate sculpture.

Quentin Destieu and Sylvain Huguet : Machine 2 Fish

> Ice clock (2016C) Francois Ronsiaux (FR) 3D model and printing.

>Distorsions (2015) Jeanne Susplugas ***(FR) . Light sculpture.

> Little Talks (2016)Visual System (FR). Triptych, light installation


Thomas Gremmler

> robots by Thomas Gremmier , *** robotics.

> Untitled 2/8 by Jerôme Mandron. *** 3D printing, composite materials Sometimes very classic, sometimes more apparently digital.

> works by Oliver Laric. 3D printing from 3D scanning. Sometimes with artistic interpretation.




> Material want (2016C) Imal) , Sept. 16 - Oct 23 Octobre 201., 3D printed sculptures.

> A Fictional Machine Capable of Superluminal Communication by Regina de Miguel *** (not digital) in Arles


> works by  Miha Turšič, see Eyebeam page in Arles

> Lights by 1024 Architecture. Lights, notably. exposes in Arles

> works by Benjamin Gaulon - in Marseille.

>works by Paul Destieu *** 3D printing from signals

> works by France Cadet exposes (Cyber Doll perhaps)

Music and sound performance

> Les Siècles obscurs by Julien Fezans (sound engineer), Laurent Golon (sound plastician ***), Tanguy Nédélec (scenographer) et Judith Depaule (state director). A machine for four operators. Installation and performance-concert.
> Passi Errare by Damiano Meacci, sound performance, also at Chateau Ephémère

Nordin : Visual exfomation

> Visual Exformation (2016C) by Jesper Nordin *** (composer) with Cyril Teste (stage director), Ramy Fischler (designer) and Tor Nørretranders (scientific writer). Music with lights.
> Emincés d'oreilles (2010C) by Valentin Durif, musical performance, not very digital


Serge de Laubier in Parc Monstouris

> Garden concert (2016) by Serge de Laubier and Catherine Hospitel in Parc Montsouris (kiosque), Paris. Laubier is a expert in instrumentation and uses his own tools since the 1990's. We did'nt see the part play by Hospitel.

> Opposite (2016C) by Frédéric Alemany *** as presented Opposite, a choreography with digital effects. See the PDF conference

> Concerts by Orkestronika

> Solaris. (2015C) by Thierry Guibert *** and Emmanuel Hourquet *** . Rotating discs painted with graphic patterns are read by a cell and produce sounds.

> work by Locus Sonus in Arles

> works by Lucien Gaudion ***-

> Tapetronic *** by Alexis Malbert

> works by Yann Leguay in Marseille

> Video by - Arnaud Rivière *** - also in Marseille. Derisive, not digital but some humor may be good for you...

> Live performance by Lucas Abela. *** Music, perfomance or derision.



A.lter S.Essio

> Loss-Layers, by A.lter S.Essio. Dance with videos. Mapping festival.
> Vanishing Walks by Diego Ortiz . *** Dance with video mapping
> Ne plus être dans votre regard, c’est disparaitre (2016) by Judith Deschamps (FR), *** . Video and performance.
> Pierrick Transhistorik (2016) by Pierrick Sorin (FR) Optical theater, HD video.
> The Pirate Cinema by Nicolas Maigret (performance) at RIAM Marseille
> Shape of Collapses by Max PaskineRIAM Marseille

> Worldwide western (website) by Raphaël Gouisset, interactive and connected theater in Lyon
> Ymoleg ( website ) by Raphaël Gouisset and his team.  Theater.

> Performance, related to zero gravity, by Dunja Zupančič, see Eyebeam page exposes in Arles. Digital ?
> Performance, related to zero gravity by Dragan Živadinov see Wikipedia exposes in Arles Digital?

Virtual worlds

Patrick Moya : Moya Land

> Moya Land (2016Cà by Patrick Moya, a large space on Second World
> A-Rreality (2016Cà by Adelin Schweitzer, augmented reality.
> Multilayered installations Béatrice Lartigue, du Lab212 . Multilayered installations, complex multimedia.
> Along The Trail by Jeremie Lasnier . Virtual reality travel, in abstract form.


> Dream Drop (2015C) by Estelle Brun ***. An USB key is sealed in a wall, and you can copy into it anything you want.
> Diapositive (2014C) by Children of the Light . *** Light play with lenses. Not very digital. See Vimeo,

Nogami and his smartphone mask

> Rekion by Katsuki Nogami. Installation. Nogami uses various technologies to make humor or alert about the contemporary world. For instance just a smartphone used as a mask in front of his face.



Cinetica, by Martial Geoffre-Roulan

> Cinetica by Martial Geoffre-Roulan, cooperating with Orange Labs (Catherine Ramus, Marc Brice, Rose Dumesny, Cezary Ziemlicki, Zbigniew Smoreda) and the Laboratoire Arts et Technologies of Stereolux. A series of lines on circles translate the life of the city. Somehow a graphic transcription of "big data"...

Fito Segrera : Agnosis

> Agnosis : The Lost Memories… (2016) by Fito Segrera Installation : Brain-computer interface, custom software, digital 3D sculptures.
> Vision Cones (2016) Flavien Thery (FR) Plexiglas, wood, modified LCD screens, computer. Thery explores the borders of perception/optical constructions.



Eduardo Kac

> works and retrospective by Eduardo Kac in Berlin Sept 14 - Oct 30. Website . See also laplaquetournante «From the pink miniskirt to the green bunny". Solo show with 150 documents, video and artworks. "Pornogram, holopoetry, transgenic and bio art, from 1980 to 2016" a «futurespective» curated by Frédéric Acquaviva.

> works by Christop Guillermet, in Mantes-la-Jolie show the results of hi works in residence at Le Chaplin arts center.
> interactive space by Maflohé Passedouet and Stéphane BissièresMediatheque website
> Mixigloo (2016) by Mixage Fou La Villette, installation for children (interactive workshop).
>works by Scenocosme exposes in a lot of places.
> Atelier des ondes parallèles (2015C) by Etienne Rey shows "Atelier des ondes parallèles" à Galerie Denise-René
> Partition(s) (2016) by Anthony Rousseau *** interactive installation ( See video)
> Empire (2016) Aurélien Vernhes-Lermusiaux shows its projected interactive installatioon Oct.1 during the Nuit Blanche de Paris. More .
> L’Année Mondiale de l’Indice Postérieur Net et du Bonheur National Brut (2016) by Magali Desbazeille , digital installation at Maison Populaire de Montreui
> works by Roger Vilder (NMarino Gallery), Oct. 8-17 on the Tactile Algorithm theme. Interactive generative video.
> works by Collectif RYBN and guets, in Arles
> works by Špela Petrič, (more bio than digital) in Arles
> Machine 2 Fish, exoskeleton for goldfish (2016C) Quentin Destieu *** and Sylvain Huguet *** present This installation transform the moves of a living goldfish into a robot moves.
> works by Konrad Becker not digital exposes in Arles .Hypermdedia (?).
> works by Felix Stalder *** cultural, software, in Arles
> works by Bureau D’études et Ewen Chardronnet *** journalist, research
> installation by Pigment Pixel. *** Interactive installations

Windows93, by JankenPopp another view

> performances and websites by Jankenpopp *** (aka Window 93 in serveral places See his website and



Windows 93, derisive website

3. A series of events

The Happy Cube Day is held on Sept. 24 in Issy-les-Moulineaux. A lot of exposition of artists.

Digital art is well present in Paris and elsewhere this fall. In Paris, an apex is reached? From Oct.17 to Oct.23, with The Digital Week,

Diccan is partner of Variation Paris Media Art Fair. Oct. 18-23. The conference held on Sept.12 gears some hope. Dominique Moulon managed to gather of new artists as well as new works from seasoned names in the field. See wikipedia

Several digital artists exposed at Salon d'Automne. Oct. 13-16.
Several films related to digital at Fiac
Oliver Laric present at Paris Internationale and Fondation Lafayette

Fiac and Yia open on Oct. 23-26, in both Grand Palais and Petit Palais, and hors-les murs. A first look in the website lets little hope of a digital art presence, but in Yia. In Art Elysées, at least
Alain Le Boucher will present the last realizations of his Luchrones.

The Nemo Biennal still fosters some events this alle. The next issue will last from Oct. 2017 to Feb . 2018, on the transversal topic : random, accident or serendipity ?

Far beyond current considerations about digital art, the workshop Cultural analytiques et pratiques patrimonialesl, organized by MESHS in Lille takes to a new language (anglo-french) with new concepts.

In Nantes, Digital Week (the program in PDF), includes Near (Nantes electronic art rencontre), Sept. 21-24. including two workshop : Online Creation and Auto-City net practices and Net art and new publishing technologies.

The Maintenant festival lives in Rennes (Brittany), Oct. 7-16, on music and technologies.

Videoformes, Mons (Belgium) Sept 14-25 , Sound arts in urban space, with videos. See Transcultures.

Futur-en-Seine presents Futur Patrimoine in Paris (Cap Digital) on Sept. 16. The best innovations on culture and cultural heritage.

From Nov.4 to 13 in Aix en Provence, expositions Including Gamerz show 12th edition, oriented "digital practice in contemporary creation". Instllations, concerts : Website.

Ircam (Paris) keeps on its program of concerts.

Digital heritage valuation (Valorisation dupatrimoine digital), Oct 19. at Centre Pompidou. A round table with Marie-Sylvie Poli (Université d'Avignon), Joëlle Le Marec (Celsa Paris-Sorbonne), Jean-Pierre Girard (UQAM), Camille Paloque-Bergès (CNAM), Omer Pesquer (MuzeoNum), Claude Mussou (INA) et Alexandra Dromard (CMN) . Website.