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alamedaDigital Creation in America

Latin America

Bogota (Colombia)
- Bogotrax festival.
- Professional chapter of ACM Siggraph.


- Index of the Brazilian artists presented in diccan.
- Architecture and town planning.

- File. Electronic Language International Festival.

Other countries

Buenos Ayres (Argentina). Professional chapter of the ACM Siggraph.

Caracas (Venezuela). Professional chapter of ACM Siggraph (no website).

Lima (Peru): VAE Festival VAE (Video/arte/electronica).

Manizales (Colombia): Festival international de la imagen.

Mexico. Laboratorio Arte Alameda.

Mexico (Mexico)
- "Xipe Tofec" building , illuminated by some kilomeers of "web tubing", by Thomas Glasford.
- Circuito Electrovisiones festival.
- Laboratorio Arte Alameda.
- Mide (Museo interactivo de economia).

- Playa Grande (Dominica). Art Hotel, by Xefirotarch.

North America

Canada: the Northern Interactor

Vancouver has hosted the Siggraph in 2012 , and the satisfaction of participants (and a substantial public support) led to do it again in 2014. This part of Canada, anyway, is not too far from the Californian film Mecca and from Redmond, headquarters of Microsoft. In such a Northern country, art has to be lively. No wonder then if San Base plays the "dynamic painting" and two other famed artists, Char Davies and David Rokeby are interaction specialists.

- Index of Canadian artists presented in diccan.
- Québec numérique, portal mostly about photography.
- Archée. An architecture studio. Publishes a news bulletin about digital art.

Banff (Alberta).
- The Banff Centre.
- Cyberworlds 2011 conference.

- International Digital Art Biennal. Reports by Dominique Moulon : 2013 session, 2012 session.
- Elektra festival and Marché international des arts numériques (MAN). A note in 2011 by Dominique Moulon.
- Biennale internationale d’art numérique (BIAN).
- Mutek festival. Elektra festival.
- Oboro center.
- Professional chapter of ACM Siggraph.
- Perte de signal arts center.
- Société des arts technogiques (SAT).
- Université du Québec à Montréal. Takes also part in Hexagram (see below).
- University Concordia. Hexagram Institute. The TAG center is a creation of Hexagram.
- Société des arts technologiques.

- OIAF (Ottawa International Animation Film) Festival.

Québec. Electra festival.

Saguenay (Québec). Sagamie, an artists residence;

Toronto. Subtle Technologies festival.

Vancouver. In 2011, the Convention Centre hosted the Siggraph conference, and will do it again in 2014.

- Newformfestival.
- Professional chapter of the ACM Siggraph.
- Siggraph 2011 conference.
- Vancouver Art Gallery. Sometimes digital art. For instance, they published in 2012 The Uncanny: Experiments in Cyborg Culture. edited by Bruce Grenier. Vancouver Art Gallery/Arsenal Pulp Press 2012.

Winnipeg:. Memetic (Manitoba electronic music exhibition)

The United States: mainstream and "tactical"

Seen from Paris, the US is synonym with mainstream: enormous budgets, industrial production, aggressive marketing. See Mainstream. Enquête sur cette culture qui plaît à tout le monde (by Frédéric Martel. Flammarion 2010). The work has been criticized, notably for a lack of up to date information. But it remains, as far as we know, the only one on this subject, and a fascinating trip.

The US is, with France, the only nation to combine a concern for worldwide peace and order with national interest. But their views are not universalist in the same sense are the French ones. Compare the human rights declarations of the French revolution with the American independence, the contrast is clear. Nowadays, France constantly calls to international organizations (UNO, International Criminal Court, ecological agreements) and contests for instance the American control of the addresses on Internet. The US asserts shamelessly that they have won the World Wars, including the cold one, and that their independence and World leadership is the best solution, since they are a peaceful and democratic country. Many French people wouldn't say the contrary, remembering the GI landing in 1944 and the fact that SDN as well as UNO were at their birth strongly supported by the American presidents W. Wilson and F.D. Roosevelt.

In digital arts, the annual show, conference and festival of Siggraph remain a basically American event. It belongs to the ACM (Association for Computing Machinery), which is far from closed to international participation at its highest level (The French Alain Chesnais chaired it in 2011-2012). ACM and Siggraph have local chapters in nearly all countries of graphic importance. But the practical power lies in the New-York headquarters, and Siggraph has never left the US soil, with the exception of the nearby Vancouver in 2011 (and 2014). That's quite logical, since Hollywood remains by far the leader in production, and American corporations the leaders in graphic software (with the exception of the French Dassault).

One third of digital artists are American, and as we have said, our figures do not include the thousands of salaried artists in the production corporations.

But not all American artists play the mainstream game. Some even turn the digital tools against the dominant clouds. They are the tactical media, with a major representative group, the Critical Art Ensemble. Is it art? Duchamp like, at least.

- Index of the American artists presented in diccan.

Anaheim (California)
- Venue of 2013 Siggraph. Not far from Los Angeles
- Disneyland park and resort.

Berkeley (California)
- Berkeley Center for New Media.
- ATC The Art, Technology and Culture Colloquium. Annual conference at University of Berkeley (Boston, Massachusetts).
- BanQ Restaurant , architecture par Office dA.
- Computer museum (with probably some art, but we didn't check...).

Boston (Massachusetts)
- ATNE. Aart ant Technology New England.
- Boston Cybearts Festival. "a non-profit arts organization created to foster, develop and present a wide spectrum of media arts including electronic and digital experimental arts programming".

Boulder (Colorado). Communikey festival.

Branson (Missouri). Haunted house. "5D experience, using an impressive number of resources" (Annick Hémery, Sonovision 5/2011, which gives technical data).

Cambridge (Massachusetts), near Boston.
- MIT Media Lab.
- MIT MI(Pi) Bar, by François Roche [Pïcon] p. 113.
- Swiss House. Teleconference room and Maison de la Suisse, teleconference and augmented reality room, designed by Jeff Huang and Muriel Waldvogell (but does it still exist nowadays?)

Cascade (Oregon). Professional chapter of the ACM Siggraph

Chicago (Illinois)
- New Media Caucus (international organization)
- SAIC , School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Colombus (Ohio)
- Art and Technology Program, Ohio State
- Werner Center for the Arts (architecture). "The geometrical conflict is typical of the deconstructionnist period of postmodernism" [Picon] p. 63 (our translation).

Detroit (Michigan): Professional chapter of ACM Siggraph

Fort Lauderdale (Florida): Professional chapter of ACM Siggraph

Irvine (California). Beall Center

Las Vegas (Nevada). l Nab, annual show, dedicated to audiovisual and new media technologies.

Los Angeles (California).
- Every second year (approximately), conference, show and animation festival: Siggraph, and one or two local chapters of the ACM Siggraph.
- Lacda Los Angeles Center for Digital Arts
- Hollywood, of course
- Honor Fraser Gallery. With the digital artist Jeremy Blake.
- Spoorg.Light and sound sensitive installation, by Servo. Lasted from 2006 to 2008. Technical description in [Burry].
- Lace (Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions). Openings, an interactive storefront installation built into the façade.
- Iotacenter. Art center.

Menlo Park (California): Professional chapter of ACM Siggraph.

Miami (Florida)
- Art Basel Miami Beach.

Minneapolis (Minnesota)
- Walker Art Center. In 2000, its New Media initiative was headed by Steve Dietz.
- Eyeo festival.
- Spark festival
- Professional chapter of the 'ACM Siggraph
- The University of Minnesota is very active about new medias (liberal orientation), with several important titles in the catalog of its Publishing corporation.

Columbia University, New York. Computer music center

New York (NY)
- A lot of data and feeling in Digitalarti (summer 2012).
- Whitney Museum.
- Moma, Museum Of Modern Art.
- Guggenheim museum. October 2010, expositon YouTube Play: A Biennal of Creative Video. Commented in [Quaranta 2013] p 6-7.
- New Museum of Contemporary Art. Not much digital.
- Columbia University (New York City). A visit to the a "School of the arts" does not let think that digital art has a large place here. Nevertheless, the University includes:
. Computer music center,
- Conflux Festival.
- Hope festival.
- Eyebeam Art and Technology Center.
. Postmasters Gallery,
- Festival of Media + Culture

- Cutlog, a French event colocated with Frieze. Ourpost : in New York: fresh air under the French flag (2013).
. GSAPP Graduate School of Architecture, Planning, and Preservation. Among other artists: Laura Kurgan, visualisation of stock and capital moves.
- Rhizome. An arts center. Founded in 1996 by Mark Tribe.
- Professional chapter of l'ACM Siggraph.
- Printed Matters (on Tenth Av.), a bookshop specialized in Artist's books.
- Some digital works in Guggenheim museum.
- Some digital works in the Moma. See the guide: Highlights since 1980. 250 Works from the Museum of Modern Art. Moma, New York C. 2012.
- (Brooklyn), 319 Scholes , a center of arts, sometimes engaged in digital art.


- Zürcher Studio. Digital artists.
- Bitforms, proposes notably: Daniel Canogar, U-Ram Choe, R. Luke DuBois, Lynn Hershman, Tim Knowles, Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, Manfred Mohr, Daniel Rozin, Lincoln Schatz and Björn Schülke. According to [Cameron], she has one time hosted Casey Reas, one of the creators of Processing.
- Devotion Gallery. More a place to meet and speak that a gallery proper. Opens only on week-ends.
- Microscope Gallery, Brooklyn. Present at Cutlog 2013.
- Pace Digital Gallery. Rather a performance site.
- Soho Gallery fof Digital Art (SGDA). A true exposing gallery, mainly on large screens.
- Moca, Museum of Computer Art. Website only.
- Catharine Clark Gallery

Orlando (Florida): Professional chapter of ACM Siggraph.

Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania). Frank Ratchye Studio for Creative Inquiry. Carnegie-Mellon University.

Rochester (New York)
- Professional chapter of ACM Siggraph.

Salt Lake City (Utah)
- Umoca, Utah museum of contemporary art. Analogital exposition.
- The Leonardo

San Diego (California)
- Center for Research in Computing and the Arts.
- Professional chapter of l'ACM Siggraph.
- Digital Art Guild. Mainly "Photoshop" art.

San Francisco (California)
- Zero1 Biennal.
- San Francisco Art Institute". In 1995 "I was amazed that there was a school where I could do both traditional fine art, as well as work on computers." writes Trina Chow.
- Arse Electronica Festival (about sex and technology).
- Exploratorium.
- The Lab
- Gaffta. Gray Area Foundation for the Arts.

San Jose (California)
- 01SJ Biennal. (with San Francisco and Berkeley), see above.
- In the airport, large illuminated wall eCloud. See Hafermaas.

Seattle (Washington State)
- Decibel festival.
- Central Library. The architecture of temporary exhibitions.

Stanford (California). CCRMA , Center for computer research in music and acoustics.

Troy (New-York).
- Empac.
- The BioArt Initiative at Rensselaer.

Venice (California). Slavin House, home of the architect Greg Lynn. Technical description in [Burry]: "The house conforms to a model with two cotangent arcs and linear segments which, in spite of their dimensions and changing curvature, remain contiguous and tangent in the process".

Washington (Washington DC): Professional chapter of ACM Siggraph

Westport (Massachusetts).
- Dedee Shattuckgallery. Exposes several digital artists: Harvey Goldman, Jean-Pierre Hébert, Leslie Thornton, Anne Morgan Spalter,