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Research on artistic printing, Eurasia, by Pascal Dombis.


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See history (industrial period), and a short up to the state of the arts (2004, in French).

Some references

< Imprimer le monde. Exposition au Centre Pompidou (See our post ). Editions du Centre Pompidou, 2017.
< Visualizing Mathematics with 3D printing, by Segerman Hopkins. Hopkins University Press.
More info.
< Wade Guynton OS, by Scott Rothkop. Yale University Press 2012. Catalogue of the exposition 2012-2013 in Whitney. Many of the works presented are prints.
< Pour aller plus loin avec le print. 11 pages in Computer Art 2/2011.

3D printing is fascintating for artist interested by plastic works. But results (in 2014) remain quite limited.

- Euromomold show in Francfort. (december 2010).
< Sagamie. L'imprimé numérique en art contemporain, by Sylvain Campeau et al. Editions d'art Le Sabord. Trois Rivières, Canada.
- Giant painting machines by Douglas Irving Repetto in Milan (page) and San Francisco (page).
- A very large printer by Longavesne
- Printing with tortoises see Harold Cohen
- L'impression numérique. Réaliser des tirages de qualité. by H. Johnson. Eyrolles 2003.
- History of computer printing in general (not specially artistic) see Notice.
- Printing control algorithms.
- Calibration See [Faure Walker], [Java], [Photoshop].


3D printing

The idea of a universal genaration of any object by 3D printing dates back at least to Pierre Legendre, in his SF novel Crackville ( Société d'édition et de librairie. Ancienne librairie Furne. Paris 1898), which describes the "panplastite", used among other to prepare meals. In1995, Neil Stephenson, int The diamond age describes a similar system, combined with network connection.

Since the 1960's, digital shapes and models have been materialized using mechanical machine tools. (See French references). Later came the rapid prototyping, using polymerization systems. And the present machines in the 21th century.

The 2010's see a rapid evolution in application domains. Costs (machines and paste) are diminishing, speed is up, materials tend to diversify:
- edibles, see cooking,
. building, see architecture.

We will probably see a convergence of 3D printing and robotics on this fiels of model materialization. And a convergence also with bio-technologies.

Sand Babel. A project of 3D printed skyscraper by Qiu Song (2014)

Some references

- Je pense donc j'imprime en 3D (
- 3D print attractive for cinema : "The 3D printing technologies (rapid prototyping)) open new options, as well for animaion films as for other technical aspects of cinematographic production" (Our translation, from a 2 pages article by Benoit Guerville and Mirelle Freneette, Sonovision Broadcast, April 2011).
- In 2010, 3D printing comes in front of stage, with the availability of cheap machines, possibly sold in kits from open source data




Paris ACM Siggraph, the French chapter of ACM Siggraph, worldwide non-profit organization of computer graphics.




Galerie Charlot An important supporter of digital art.