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All the artists we know of on this specialty are listed in our Index, with direct link on their Diccan's item. On summer 2014, we list some 20 artists. As for animation, this number does not cover the thousands of "artists" working anonymously in the industry.

We concentrate here on conceptual considerations and the state of the art. The historical development of the field is described, period after period, in our history of digital art


Games : A beautiful book for the images.

1. Introduction 2. Links 3. The artists 3. References

1. Introduction

You may be surprised by the small number of game specialists in diccan: around 1% of the list. Indeed, "artists" are enrolled by the hundreds in the computer games industry. But they are anonymous, like most of the workers in the film industry. And, in fact, the divide is deep between the two worlds. That's true also for the users (games, spectators). In few words : games consider art elitist (if not simply boring), and art considers games as vulgar, or just grassroot entertainment, devoid of the gratuitousness of artistic activity.

When we look at the list of some 15 game artists listed in diccan, we find that most of them do not create games as such, but mostly use them in a derisive manner, or as a way to raise awareness on social issues, like surveillance. They are close to tactical media. Judge by yourself!

2. Links

Linked concepts :
- Musical games, see music.
- Expressive processing and specially the book of [Wardrip-Frouin].

3. The artists

(Some artists may have been added in diccan since the writing of this article. Then give a look to our Index of the games authors).
We give : the country, decade of first known digital work, level of fame, level of generativity, gender (X male, Y female, Z group or lack of data).

Arcangel Cory USA 2010 **** GG X Defacing games like Super Mario
Bookchin Natalie USA 1990 ** GG Y . Rather serious : understanding games. Clearly educational aims.
Casanova Christina Spain 1990 * G Y Burlesque and mime.
Crondon Brody USA 1990 * G X . Performance and games, post-traumatism and fantasy.
Delappe Joseph France 2000 * G X. Tactical media, on the border of art and politics.
Kim Hyung-Tae Korea 2010 * G Y . A powerful sense of the public reactions to the games.
Le_Chevallier Martin France 2000 * G X . Surveillance and informing.
Mealeay Alison United-Kingdom 2000 * G Y Feeling. Game?
Mizuguchi Tetsuya Japan 2000 ** GGG X Games, graphically high.
Nideffer Robert USA 1990 * GG X. Cerebral games.
Polieri Jacques France 1980 * G X. Video communication games
Regottaz Djeff France 2010 * G X . Games with a moral dimension.
Schleiner Anne-Marie USA 2000 * G Y . Political engagement.
Sellam Michael France 2000 * G X . Quite derisive.
Viennot Eric France 1980 ** G X . Rather serious.
Walker Matthew United-Kingdom 2000 * G X . Fun

4. References

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Paris ACM Siggraph, the French chapter of ACM Siggraph, worldwide non-profit organization of computer graphics.




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