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Sasaki and Murayama: Burn us on Paper!



Murayama (this kind of small display cannot show the high definition quality of this kind of works).

From April 4th to May 30th, at the Das Foto Image Factory (Berlin, Germany), two Japanese digital photographers will show their works, accompanied by an "audio excursion" by Stefan Goldmann. See the presentation by Frantic Gallery.

The artistic discourse of the gallery is perhaps too high-toned: "Two Japanese artists strongly bound with cutting edge digital imaginary will show their perspectdive on futuristic urban landscapes and post-organic flora". We are more impressed by th high graphic quality of these works than by their novelty as such.

The Macoto Murayama flowers are scientifically drawn and transformed with thin lines and digital data, combining technical allure with the Japanese knack for elegance, Vegetation algorithmic construction has been widely used by Sommerer & Mignonneau as well as Miguel Chevalier, in dynamic videos, sometims interactive. Here, we remain in the realm of static photography, but the high definition quality brings something like a new dimension.

The Makoto Sasaki downtown building shapes emerge from algorithmic 3D games of which many examples have been shown in Siggraph's shows along the years. But harmony of colors and shapes call for attention.

Sasaki "buildings". Color and harmony.

But, for both, printing on paper is a major theme of the Berlin's show at Das Foto. In spite of its marketing bias, the presentation text has its own magic : "The Image Factory is the place where The Digital - understood also in a broader sense as Immaterial, Inorganic, Artificial - of Sasaki and Murayama is transformed from binary code and a softwar body into the the substance of paper, while carefully upholding each fraction of Sasali's color-lines/each measurement figure of Murayama and reinforcing their other-worldly character and bodiless (anti-)presence. "Das Foto" is a space with machines that provide the material base for the works of the presented artistes and where visitors of the show will be able to witness the process and moment of a Digit turning into Matter". Lyric... but no so abstract !







Paris ACM Siggraph, the French chapter of ACM Siggraph, worldwide non-profit organization of computer graphics.




Galerie Charlot An important supporter of digital art.