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Galerie H+. In Lyon (France). Innovation Culture & Digital Creation

Haacke Hans, Wikipedia. His discourse aims to complicities between business, politics and arts
> News (1969-70) picture in [Bianchini-Verhagen].

Haaron Mirza. Sculptor and more recently architect (or space designer)
> Preoccupied Waveforms (2012). in New Museum, New York.

Haase Armin
> Handshake (1993), by Joachim Blank, Karl Heinz Jeron, Barbara Aselmeier and Armin Haase. [Greene] p.39-40.

Hachiya Kasuhiko. Body art.
> Inter Discommunication Machine (1993).

Hadid Zaha. Architect.
> Mobile Art (2000 c.) A pavilion with organic forms. It is now installed in the court of Institut du Monde Arabe (Paris 5e).

Ernst Haeckel : Beauté et générativité des formes dans la nature.

Haeckel Ernst.
< Art Forms in Nature. (1899-1904). A forerunner in generative art.

Haeseleer Kurt d' .Artistic director of the Werktank, factory for new and old media art, a production platform for media art, exploring the relationship between technology and perception
> Ruines (2016). See post.

Hafermas Nikolaus.
> eCloud (2007), by Nikolaus Hafermas, Dan Goods and Aaron Koblin. Permanent work in San Jose airport. Expression on a wall of meteorogical data. Dedicated website. 2 pages in in [Klanten].

Hafez Khaled. Multimedia, with political engagement.
> Revolution (2006).

Hagihara Ryota
> Plan (a cube) 2019. Digital print on paper

Hagarty Ian . Painting. zPigment printed directly onto canvas and made through sampling and re-samplingcomposite images of painting, photography, scanning, 3d modeling and simulation, using a variety of software programs"
> Step at Dawn (2016)
> Flood, (2016)

Haggard Garry
< Discrete mathematics for computer science. by Garry Haggard , John Schlipf and Sue Whitesides. Thomson Brooks/Cole 2006.

Hah Tasoc
> Differential Life Integral City_Collective Intelligence Urbanism (2010). Exposed at Incheon. Insallation with video.

Haig Ian . Multimedia
> Hack (1992). Interactive installation

Haitz Martina. A member of Robotlab group.

Halas John.
> Dilemma (1981). A short film, purely computer generated, [Lioret] p. 54.

Halet Pierre. Music. Cited by [Baudouin].
> Little Boy (1968).

Haley Guy. SF writer.
< Omega point. Angry Robot paperback original, 2012. "k52 is a vast artificial intelligence with world domination on its mind. If it succeeds in creating an artificial reality based on our own universe, it could gain enough data to allow it to alter reality itself, turning k52 into the ultimate arbiter of mankind's fate. It's down to Richards and Klein to stop k52 - even though the alternative could be worse".

half/angel. A dance company directed by Jools Gilson-Ellis and Richard Povall.
> The Secret Project (1999).

Hall Antony. A multidisciplinary artist who works with science, creating kinetic artworks and installations using sonic, mechanical, electronic or biological elements
> BZ Reaction (2008) . Biological reaction.

Hall David Artist, links between images and radio waves.
> Situation envisaged, The Rite II (Cultural eclipse), 1988-90, quoted by [Grau] with a color view of the work.

Hall Steven. Forum
> The Raw Shark (2007). Wikipedia. Commented by [Hayles 2012.

Halley Peter.
> Exploding Cell (1997). This works aims to explain Net aesthetics. [Greene] p. 61.

Hallinan Nate. Matte painting.
> Smurf Sighting (2011). About the Schtroumps (comic books characters). Quoted by [Book], winter 2011-2012.

Joe Hamilton
> Regular Division (2014) Video.

Hamlet Machine. A theater play. See Inavouable.

Hammadouche Lyes. Kinetics.
> Il faut cultiver notre jardin (2012).
> 60 v'2 (2011). installation (clocks)

Hammond Kristian. Announces the development of his creative applications (notably of histories). See the press release of National Science Foundation (1/21/2011).

Hamot Hubert. Artistt. See his blog Numartis (digital pop art).

Hansen Heiko. A member of Hehe group.

Hansen Mark. Duke page.
> Moveable-type (2010). See Earstudio>page
> Listening post (2002). with the co-author Ben Rubin. Comments in [Murray],[Ricardo]. 10 pages in [Algora]. A synthesis of web requests on a large wall of small screens. [Moulon] p. 64-65 presents the work with a photo.

Hansmeyer: Astana Columns. Here, at the Artistes&Robots exposition in Paris (2018) , the space is amplified with mirrors on the four sides, creating a " mise en abyme".

Hansmeyer Michael. Computational architecture.
> Astana Columns (2017). Complex and large size sculptures.
> Platonic solids (2008). Recursive divisions. 4 pages with pictures in [Bohnacker].
> Subdivided pavilions (2006) . Architectural projects. 4 pages with pictures in [Bohnacker].

Hanson David. Robotics
> Song for Julio (2008), by David Hanson (robotics) and David Byrne (music). 8 pages with pictures in in [Algora].

Hantu. A duo of artists formed by Pascale Weber and Jean Delsaux. See Weber.

Happy feet.
> Happy feet (2010 c.) In the Top10 of animation films shown on TV.

Hara Kelichi. Animation film maker. Wikipedia.
> Colorful (2011) awarded at Annecy 2011 (audience award).
> Doraemon: Nobita's Great Adventure into the Underworld (1984).

Cyborgs : hope or disaster ? Or both ?

Haraway Donna. Historian and feminist philosopher.
< Manifeste cyborg et autres essais. Anthology established by Laurence Allard, Delphine Gardey and Nathalie Magnan. Exils Essais 2007.
< Modest Witness@ Second Millennium : Femaleman Meets Oncomouse : Feminism and Technoscience. Lynn M. Randolph (Illustrator). Routledge, 1996.
< Simians, Cyborgs, and Women, Routledge, 1991.
- Her work is analyzed in the article : "Le cyberféminisme d'Haraway ou l'utérus technoscientifique", by Mylène Botbol-Baum, in Les philosophes et la technique, Pascal Chabot et Gilbert Hottois ed. Vrin 2003.
< Manifeste Cyborg (2000 c.) A French translation by Marie-Hélène Dumas, Charlotte Gould and Nathalie Magnan. Available online.
< A Cyborg Manifesto. Reprinted with comments in [Wardrip-Fruin 2003]. (27 pages in small fonts).
- Quoted by [Berger-Lioret] p. 143

Harddisko. Sound installation using outmoded hard disks.

Hardiker Amendent. Writer
> Zaum Gadget (1987). hypermedia, produced with hypercard. See History of Computer Art, by Thomas Dreher.

Harel David
< Algorithmics, the spirit of computing.  by David David and Yishai Fedlman: Addison-Wesley 1987-2004.

Harmon Leon, with Knowlton Ken. Prints on paper. "In 1966, Harmon and Ken Knowlton were experimenting with photomosaic, creating large prints from collections of small symbols or images. In Studies in Perception I they created an image of a reclining nude (the dancer Deborah Hay), by scanning a photograph with a camera and converting the analog voltages to binary numbers which were assigned typographic symbols based on halftone densities" (Wikipedia) > Study in perception (1966).

Harris Dominic Interaction on images.
> Deep Blue (2013). Interactive aquarium
> Baby Flutter (2012).
> Beacon (2009).

Harrison Paul. Note by Gavin Renwick.
> Design for Life Impressions (1990 c.) rendering of scientific data.

David Hart : Blot serials and natural selection. Sharp images.

Hart David Augustus. "A son of Sims".
> Media Mission (2006 c.) Geometric, organic. Shown in Siggraph.
- Graphic effects using crowd representation algorithms.
- Quoted by [Berger-Lioret] p. 66.

Hartenyan Tatev. Pinterest page.
> Harmonie (2014). Jewel. Commented by [Aziozmanoff 2015]

Haruki Tsuchiya. See A member of CTG Group. Formed in the late 1960's.

Harutyunyan Tatev
> Rencontre des âmes (2014) Commented by [ Aziozmanoff 2015].

Harvey Aureia. A co-founer of Tale of Tales

Harvey Jonathan. Music composer. Page in Brahms database.

Harwood Graham. A member of Mongrel group.
> Tantalum Memorial-Residue (2009), with Richard Wright and Matsuko Yokokoji. Installation made of computer scraps. [Moulon] p.94_95 with photo.
> Nine(9) (2003). Page Medienkunstnet".
> (2001). Just a Perl script [Greene].
> Text FM (2000). by Graham Harwood and Matthew Fuller. [Greene].
> Rehearsal of Memory (1996). Photography and textual presentation. Medienkunstnet Page. Description by the author : the aim of this piece was to work with a group of people from Ashworth, a high Security Mental Hospital, to produce an interactive program embodying the life experience of those involved. This is manifested in the form of an anonymous computer personality made up of the collective experience of the group. Ashworth Hospital is located in the north of England near Liverpool and is home and prison to people who are a danger to themselves or to people outside the hospital. The group of patients I worked with ranged from serial killers to rapists, potential suicides and casualties of the excesses of society. The staff I worked with included psychiatric nurses of twenty years of experience and orderlies.
This artwork is about the recording of the life experiences of the client group that are a mirror to ourselves (‹normal society›) and our amnesia when confronted with the excesses of our society. This forgetting is a dark shadow cast by plenty, a nightmare for some that constructs misinformation and fear about insanity, violence and victims. This mental space is occupied by the psycho, the nutter, the mad dog and Bedlam; this is the space where strong fictions lie and invisibly glue together the mirror from which we view our own sanity. This work is about people everywhere who are trying to remember the faces of the extras in the cinema of history. This artwork is a rehearsal of memories not quite forgotten. Evil, sleazy, dirty, dangerous, sick, immoral, crazy, or just plain normal. . This work is also quoted and shown in [Vroege]. - More in French.

Hasson-Benillouche Valérie Founder of Galerie Charlot (Paris 3e), which exposes permanently digital artists. One of her mottos "A digital work of art, you live with it".

Hatcher Ian
> Prosthesis:II (2013). A suite of solo voice/text/media performances exploring feedback loops between digital systems an the human mind. Performed during the Chercher le texte festival (2013).

Hatoum Mona. Artist.
> Testimonio (1995). Two pages ins [Murray]. Work about Mexican devotion to Guadalupe Virgin. (2007).
> Corps étranger (1994). Cited in [Reichle 2009]

Pascal Haudressy : Pierre Corps.

Haudressy Pascal. Video.
> Brain Study (2009) Video loops.
> Lines, planes and Gribouille counterpoint (2016). Painting and screen.
> Pierre-Corps (2015) Line drawing on a screen. Recorded video probably.
> Suspended (2014) Oil painting and diverse materials. Digital ?
> Sunflower (2014)

Haussmann Raoul
- 1920's, research for a color organ.

Haute Lucile Web art and performance. Université Jean Monnet, St Etienne, France.
> Le toucher de l'avatar (2013). Web page.
> Conduit d'aération (2013), with Alexandra Saeemer and Aurélie Herbet, performed during the Chercher le texte festival (2013)
> Image fantôme (2010).

Hawkins Tim. ICT Institute for creative technologies.

Hawtin Richie. Techno music producer.
> Synk (2011). Mobile application (aka Plastikman). Quoted by Olivier Roy, A Nous Paris du 7/11/2011.

Hayes Dan. Painting. Digital?
> Dissolve (1998).

Hayles N. Katherine.
< How we think. Digital media and Contemporary Technogenesis. University of Chicago Press 2012.
< Electronic Literature: New horizons for the litterary. by N. Katherine Hayles. USA Illinois. University of Notre Dame Press 2008.
< How we became post human. Virtual bodies in cybernetics, literature and informatics. University of Chicago Press 1999

Hazout-Dreyfus Laurence. Independent show curator. She notably drove "Les immatériaux, 25 ans après", in Centre Pompidou (Paris).

HBO. "Stream over 1400 of your favorite HBO programs on your computer and select mobile devices, tablets, streaming players, game consoles and connected TVs".
- See the transmedia context.

He Qing. .Unknown but for the work belo
> Temple du goût (2010). Cited by [Bubb].

Hearn Steven Manager of Le troisième pôle, cultural engineering agency, who took part in the relauch of Gaêté lyrique in Paris.

Heart Chamber Orchestra. HCO. Cn audiovisual performance. The orchestra consists of 12 classical musicians and the artist duo Terminal Beach. Using their heartbeats, the musicians control a computer composition and visualization environment. The musical score is generated in real time by the heartbeats of the musicians. They read and play this score from a computer screen placed in front of them. HCO forms a structure where music literally “comes from the

Jean-Pierre Hébert : A typical work with its graphical delicacy.

Hébert Jean-Pierre He created the term "Algorist", which inspired the creation of the French association Les Algoristes.
> A Facebook storyboard (2017)
- Exposition in 2013.
- Presentation in ACM Siggraph Educational Committee
> Elément terre (2003). Quoted by [Lieser] with a picture
> Un cercle trop étroit, dérivée seconde (1995). Ink and drawing on paper.
> Die Forelle  (1997) Ink on paper.
> Ulysses (1990 c.).
- [Faure Walker], [Processing], [Berger-Lioret] p. 65, 144.
- Two full chapters about Jean-Pierre Hébert, and substantial comments about Ulysses and the importance of matter (sand), in the Nick Lambert thesis).

Hebey Evelyne. A fouding member of Wild Shores.

Heemskerk Joan. Social subversion on the web. See Jodi.

Hegedüs Agnes.
> Memory theater (1997). at ZKM. Virtual reality. 2 pages in [Grau 2003].
>ReConfiguring the CAVE (1997), by Jeffrey Shaw, Agnes Hegedüs et Bernd Lintermann (ICC, InterCommunication Center, Tokyo 1997)
> Fruit Machine (1991). Analyzed by [Kwastek] pp. 220-225, with pictures.

HeHe. Group founded in 2001 by Helen Evans and Heiko Hansen. Commented in [Debatty et al. 2011].
- Exhibition at Aeroplastic 2014, the press release.
> Planète Laboratoire, la planète malade (2012)
> Green Cloud, Ivry-sur-Seine (2010).
> Siren shields (2009). Countersurveillance. [Moulon] p.90-91 with photo.
> Nuage vert (2000 c.) Performance about ecology. [Moulon] p. 82-83.

Heide Axel. Page Crumbweb.
> Unmovie (2000 c.), by Axel Heide, onesandzeroes, Philip Pocock and Gregor Stehle. [Greene]. Netart page.

Heide Edwin van der.
> Pneumatic Sound Field (2007). [Moulon] pp. 59-60. Spatialized sound and blow.

Heifei University of Technology.
- Automatic generation of comics from a video clip. The announcement.
- Original reference: Meng Wang, et al. Movie2Comics: Towards a Lively Video Content Presentation, IEEE Transactions on Multimedia.


Heijer Eelco den. Java developer. Co-author with A.D. Eiben of works about aesthetic measurement.
< Evolving Art using multiple Aesthetic Measures by E. den Heijer and A.E. Eiben. PDF online.

Heimbecker Steve.
> POD (2004). Feeds itsef from meteorological data and produces an artistic presentation of these. [Moulon] p. 66.

Heinlein Robert. Science fiction writer. Wikipedia.
> Destination Lune ! (1950). Heinlein takes an active part in the production of the film Destination... Lune !, directed by Irving Pichel (1950).
> The Moon is a harsh mistress. (1966). Wikipedia. Full text in PDF.

Heinrich Marie-Noëlle.
< Création musicale et technologies nouvelles.Mutation des instruments et des relations. L'Harmattan 2003.

voor't Hekke Thomas . A member of Front 404.

Helden Joannes.
> Evolution (2013). Performed with Hakan Johnson during the Chercher le texte festival (2013).
> Valjarna/Elect (2000).

Hellio Eléonore.
> CAFE Electronique (2000 c.) "She has begun with the transformation of an alternative place in Philadelphia into an electronic cafe with the Design Outlaws group ".

Hellouin Guillaume. 3D specialist.
- In 2005, he launches TeamTO avec 4 associates.
- In 1994, he launches the animation and special visual effects digital studio Sparx*

Helman James
< Designing real-time graphics for entertainment. Course note, by James Helman and al. Siggraph 1994.

Hémery Annick. Journalist.
< Musées et parcs, la convergence ? Several articles in Sonovision, May 2011.
< Dossier Allumeurs de patrimoine. Several articles in Sonovision, Jan. 2011.

Hendricks Jochem. Algorithmic black and white drawing.
- Three works 1992-2001.

Henke Robert. Composer and software creator. Wikipedia.
- In 2012, residence in Cultures Electroni[k] in Rennes (Brittany)
> Ableton Live. Software.
> Piercing Music (1994). Long drone music.

Hénon Pierre. Page Facebook.
Professor at l'Ensad. President of the Paris ACM Siggraph.
< Interviewed by ACM (2018)

Henry Desmond Paul. This work, mechanically done, foresees some programmed works by Jean-Pierre Hébert, for instance.

Henry Cyrille. A member of chdh group. He has also worked for Miguel Chevalier.
- More in French.

Henry Damien. Co-founder or chdh group.

Henry Desmond Paul. Graphic artist . See French note.
- Quoted by [Berger-Lioret] p. 35.

Henry Pierre. Composer, a pioneer of concrete music with Pierre Schaeffer. Wikipedia.

Hentschlager Kurt. Immersive environments. Forms the Granular Synthesis group with Ulf Langheinrich.
- Core (2012). See our note (in French) about this work and the experiments of Hentschlager in general.
> Zee (2008). Immersive installation. [Moulon] p. 59. Quoted with pictures in {Worms,2012].

Henze Eno
> Ambushes (2008). Painting, combination of spheres. 4 pag<ies with pictures in [Bohnacker].
> Subjektbeschleuninger (2008). Same as above. 4 pages with pictures in [Bohnacker].
> Der Wirklichkeitsschaum (2007). Generative painting, combination of spheres. 4 pages with pictures in [Bohnacker].

Herbaut Guillaume. Photography (documentary, wars...).
> Iran Twitter Revolution (2009)

Auguste Herbin : repetitions out of a geometrical alphabet

Herbin Auguste Geometric variations.
- [Popper 1] p. 204.

Heritage Prod. A cluster of Bordeaux and Paris corporations engaged in image technologies.
- Imayana, multimedia tack, interactive and fictional. Augmented reality on a tactile tablet. An article signed by Annick Emery in Sonovision, Sept. 2012.

Hernandez Jean-David. Chief editor of Computer Arts.

Herold Pascal. Leader of Duran Duboi Studio.
< Cinderella (2012). French Cendrilllon. 2 pages by François Ploye in Sonovision July-August 2012, giving technical details.

Herrera Ferrer Raquel. Researcher on digital art and culture.
< Digital Narrative Taxonomy (2011). See also the Spanish version.
< Tempus Fugit. El relato interactivo, Fundació Espais d'Art Contemporani, 2004. This essay already delved into digital storytelling, from CD-ROMs to the Internet.
- Research about Google Art Project.
- List of publications.

Hershman: Cyborg 9

Hershman Lynn. Wikipedia.
> Cyborg 9 (1999). Shown à Show Off 2013.
> Tillie, the Telerobotic doll (1995). (Until 1998).
> Room of One's Own (1990) and (1993-2006). Analyzed by [Kwastek] pp. 209-220
> Deep Contact (1989). Interaction with touch screen.Quoted by [Lopes].
> The Fantasy Beyond Control (1990). Reprinted with comments in [Wardrip-Fruin 2003].

Hertlein Grace. Painting then music. Interdisciplinary. Note in Compart
> Sea Fans (1976) and other works, with images in Compart.
> Computer Designed Textile (before 1977). A picture in the Recode project.

Hertz Garnet. Web art, robotics, all kinds of arts. Presented by [Greene].
> Doom (2011). Page web "In this project, a data projector displays an image on a wall. Loud heavy metal music plays in the space. When an individual walks up to the wall, a mirrored avatar of the person is displayed on the screen using a character from the 1993 first person shooter video game "Doom" (id Software). Like an 8-bit mirroring of reality, the computer-drawn characters move in sync with people in front of the data projection. When users make threatening poses (as if holding a weapon), their avatars will shoot a weapon, die and > Bureau pour Desktop Is (1997). Contribution to this website built by Alex Shulgin.
> America's Finest (1995 c.). Not digital.
> Lorna (1979) would be the first digital video, according to [Vroege]

Garnet Hertz : Doom.

Hertz Jimmy. A member of Cyclophones group.

Hertz Paul.
- Siggraph 2006 : Presentation : Drunk on technology, waiting for the hangover.
- Presentation : Ignotus the Mage. 
> Decomposition of a face (2000 c.).

Hérubel Adrien. Algorist, professor Personal page.

Herzmann Aaron. Expressive rendering specialist, quoted notably by Vincent Boyer.
- His publications on Google Scholar.

Herzog & de Meuron is a partnership led by Jacques Herzog and Pierre de Meuron with Senior Partners Christine Binswanger, Ascan Mergenthaler and Stefan Marbach. Architecture.
> Basel Fair New Hall (2012) Quoted by Terracol with picture for its use of Lambert Law about drop shadows.
> Federal Swiss Railroad, Basel (1999). Quoted by Terracol with picture for it ruled surfaces.

Herzog Leander. Sculture by laser cutting. See the Print Process website.
> Tapebuffer (2008). Sculture. Quoted by [Lieser] with pictures.
> The Physical vertex buffer (2007). Quoted by [Lieser] with a picture.


Heudin Jean-Claude. A co-founder of Living Art Lab
- Quoted by Aziozmanoff 2015.
> Living Joconde (2015). The project includes "a bio-inspired emotion engin". Florent Aziosmanoff is also a major part of the project. Follow it on the IIM website.
< Robots et avatars. Odile Jacob 2009. A large collection of recent images.
< Les créatures artificielles. Odile Jacob 2008. Notably the concluding chapter: What is life ?
> Life drop (2000 c.)

Heuer Jonas Friedemann. Interaction.
> Noteput (2009), with Jürgen Graef. 3 pages in [Klanten] (in two places).

Heully Hervé, President and founder of New3S.

Hewlett Robin. Multimedia.
> Street with a view (2008) with Ben Kinsley. Commented on with pictures by [ Debatty et al. 2011]. Special web page.

Hexagram. "The Hexagram-Concordia Centre for Research-Creation in Media Arts and Technologies brings together artists/researchers from Concordia University’s faculties of Fine Arts, Arts and Science, and Engineering and Computer Science within an environment fostering leading edge work in a broad range of interdisciplinary domains relating to new media art, design and technology. Hexagram-Concordia along with its partner center Hexagram UQAM at Université du Québec à Montréal are the two pillars of HexagramCIAM, known nationally and internationally as Canada's largest pole for research-creation in the many intersecting points between art and science- The TAG center is a creation of Hexagram.

Heyrman Hugo. (He signs his works "Docteur Hugo").
- [Popper 2] p. 162-164.

Hickinbottom Andrew. Independent modeler. Perfect pin-ups.

High Kathy. Bio-art.
> Blood Wars (2011). Commented in [ Debatty et al. 2011].
- Videos since the 1980's. Digital ?

Higgins Dick. See French note.

Herzmann : expressive rendering from a photography (quoted by Boyer). He is considered a scientist, not an artist.

Hill Gary. Video. Wikipedia.
> Fidelio (2013). A presentation of the Beethoven's work at Lyon's opera hall. in April 2013. Computers and video projections.
> Liminal Objects #7 (1998). Video (black and white, silent), monitor, metal stand, media player)
> Conundrum (1995-1998). 2 pages in in [Glimcher]
> Beacon (1990). Cited with a picture by [Meredieu].
> Processual video (1980).
> Happenstance (1982).
These works are presented by Louis-José Lestocart in Artmedia X, p. 156-157.

Hillaire Norbert Communication theorist and art critic. Professor at University of Nice (France).
< L’art numérique ou l’éternel malentendu. Interview on Le Monde's blog. May 31, 2017.
> Storyboard (2014)
> Untitled (2014)
> Photomobiles (2013 c.)
> Lignes de fuite (2011). Photographies, shown at Show Off 2013.
< Art in digital era. in Artpress2. Art in the digital age, May-June-July 2013.
< Le programme et la main by Bernard Demiaux (Editions du Sextant 2010). Preface by Norbert Hillaire.
< L'art numérique. Comment la technique vient au monde de l'art. by Edmond Couchot and Norbert Hillaire. Flammarion 2003.

Hiller Lejaren. Music composer. Quoted by [Edwards] and [Baudouin].
> HPSCHD (1969). With Cage. Score for "7 harpsichords playing randomly-processed music by Mozart and other composers, 51 tapes of computer-generated sounds, approximatively 5,000 slides of abstract designs and space exploration and several films".
> The Illiac suite for string quartet (1956), with the collaboration of Léonard Isaacson. Using Markov chains.
> Composition assistée par ordinateur (CAO) by Gerard Assayag. In Proceedings of Asti 2001 Conference. The Ircam position in 2001, with historic notes.
- Quoted by [Berger-Lioret] p. 58, 140, by Assayag (Asti 2001 proceedings).

Hiller Susan. Wikipedia . A forerunner of web art.
> Dedicated to the Unknown Artists (1972) . See Akke Wagenaar, for example.

Hindle Will. A forrerunner of digital cinema. But not properly digital.
- Four pages, with photos, in [Youngblood].
> Chinese Firedrill (1968).

Hiorns Roger. Non digital generative art . Page Artangel.
> Seizure (2010).

Hirakawa: Datum

Hirakawa Norimichi
> Datum (2016) "Any pixel in a digital movie file can be described as a point in 6-dimensional Euclidean space [x,y,R,G,B,t]. the rotations in 6-dimensioal space converts curve in form to gradation in colour, colour to motion in time axis, motion to curve and curve to colour. relations beween all of pixels are mathmatically conserved through the conversion."

Hirata Oriza. Theater and stage director, using robots.
> Les trois soeurs (2012). From the Tchekov play, with an android acting on stage. A short announcement. Played in Théatre de Gennevilliers on Dec. 2012. Comments in Le Monde, Dec. 18, 2012, by Brigitte Saling.
> Mori no Oku (2010) , part of the Robot Actors Project, with the robotician Hirohi Ishiguro. Commented by Zaven Paré in [Moindrot 2013], pp. 223-240. Uses the Wakamaru robot.
> I, Work (2008)
- Interview by Brigitte Salino in Le Monde, Sept. 12, 2012.
- Interview by Performing Arts.

Hiriart Kristof. Artistic manager of Lagunarte.

Hirose Michitaka. University of Tokyo.
< Tiny Dreamy Stories: Change the World in the Book. A Proposal of Augmented Reality Picture Book System Characterized by Page-shuffling and Text-changing Mechanism. by Hiroki Yamada and Michitaka Hirose. Communication at Laval Virtual 2010. Online.

Perry Hoberman : Faradays Garden.

Hirschfeld-Mack Ludwig Bauhaus. Light art.
- [Popper 1] pp. 101, 128
- [Goldberg 2011], with pictures.

Hirst Jessica. An artist who works with performance, video, photography, writing, collage, installations, and assemblage. She is interested in the porous borders between ‘health’ and ‘illness’, in mechanisms of control in personal and geopolitical relations, and in how the body expresses the mind.  Hirst believes it important to have a sense of humor, especially in performance. Not very digital.

Hirsuta. Architecture studio, ex. Gnuform.
> NGTV (2005). Lounge bar for prestige. Sensual and sophisticated moulded forms. Two pages in [Iwamoto].

Hitoshi Abe. Architect.
> Aoba Tei (2004). Insertion of steel sheets in order to divide the internal space of a restaurant. Explained by [Iwamoto].

Hitoshi Nishimura.
> Bio Sensor (1984). by Takashi Fukumoto and Hitoshi Nishimura. Produced by Tokyo Links Corporation and Osaka University. Links page.

Hobbs Stephen . Architecture. A portrait of one page with picture iin [Dermineur]
> Entracte (2010), by Stephen Hobbs and Marcus Neustetter. An article with images in [Dermineur].
> Out of order. A user's guide to a dysfunctional city (1997). Interactive CD-Rom. Quoted in Dermineur.

Hoberman Perry. Interaction.
- Several works in [Popper 2] 238-239.
> The Sub-Division of the Electronic Light (1996). Comments in [Murray].
> Faraday's Garden (1991).

David Hockney : Rather naive, but so cute, images on iPhones and iPads.

Hockney David. Painting on any media, with Photoshop, on Ipad...
- How artists connect with digital.
- A cute page by the Royal Ontario Museum.
- Article in Artpress 372 (2010). Article in Télérama 05/30/2012).

Hodgin Robert. "An artist coder."
> Body Dysmorphic Disorder (2010).
> Flight Risk (2005).

Hodgkin Carter. Painter. See fractals
> Puru asyntope (1987)
> Dreamtime calculation (1987). Picture of this work and the one below in ArtPress, see fractals.
> Ring Oscillator (1978).

Hodkinson Leigh.
> Moo(n)
(2004 c.) Compositing. Quoted in CyberArt 2004.

Hodler Ferdinand. Painter, 1890's. [Popper 1] p. 201. Digital somehow with his "parallelism principle".

Hoffman Ernst, SF writer.
< The automata (1814).
< The sand man
(1816) (perhaps not the exact title).

Hofstadter Douglas.
- Conference at Polytechnique school AH No 60 .
< Gödel, Esscher, Bach. Interéditions 1985.

Holden Peter William. Installations with music, robotics
> Arabesque (2015C)




Holleley Douglas.
< Digital Book Design and Publishing? (Clarellen 2001). Includes a discussion about digital aesthetics.
> Bits of Paper (1998) [Murray]. Dedicated page.

Höller Cartsen. Multimedia, interaction. Wikipedia; Quoted by [Quaranta] p. 22. On the border of art and scientific experiments. Not specifically digital.
> Slides (1998).

Hollis Richard.
< Graphic design, a concise history. Thames and Hudson 1994.

Holmes T.
< Electronic and experimental music. London, Taylor & Francis, 2003. (Indicated by [Edwards]).

Holthuis Jeroen. Multimedia
> Bitquid (2009).

Holtz-Bonneau Françoise.
< Lettre, image, ordinateur. Hermès/INA 1987.
< L'image et l'ordinateur. Aubier/INA 1986.

Holzer Jenny. Social critic. Page of "projections", Wikipedia. See her bio and many works (mainly not digital) on Artsy page.
> For London (2006). Quoted by [Lopes].
> Shifting Nature (2006 c.) Siggraph 2006: linear, algorithmic.
> Please Change Beliefs (1995), hosted on the site äda'web.. Comments and screen captures in [Greene] pp. 58-60.
> Untitled with Selection from Truisms (1985) [Popper 2] 145-148.
> Truism (1982). Times square panels to display a poetical text. [Bootz].

Honegger Arthur. One of the first composers to use Martenot waves (according to [Collaer]).

Honf : IB.SC

Honf. House of natural fiber (Yogyakarta (Indonésie).
> IB.SC (2010 c.) June 2011, IB.SC

Hong Wonhwa. Digital prints.
> Variation, (1993).

Hopf Judith
> More (2015)

Hopkins Sam. Conceptual artist, multimedia. One page with pictures in [Dermineur].
> Slum TV (2008)

Horiuchi Tatsuo. See Spoon-Tamago. Graphic art with Excel.
> Kegon Falls (2007).

Horvath Drea. Freelance designer of digital landscapes.
> Garden of serenity (2010 c.). The making-of in 3DMag, 1-2/2011.

Horvath Peter Savannah College of Art and Design. Cinema on Internet.
< Transient passages : the work of Peter Horvath, by Celina Jeffery. 10 pages in [Adams].

Horwitz Channa. Conceptual artist, with works based upon numbers. Wikipedia. May be compared to Vera Molnar.
> Flowing 1; (1987). Picture and comment in [Schalhorn]

Hou Je Bek Wilfried.
< Questions à Wilfried Hou Je Bek. An interview with Karen O'Rourke. 8 pages in [Lartigaud].

Hosken Daniel. Music composer, sound engineer, professor. member of Palindrome Dance Cy.
- Peace (1991). for Soprano and “tape”.

Hotrique Jules. A mathematician and musician. Co-founder of Dualo Cy.

Houdini. 3D Software.
- Quoted by [Berger-Lioret] p. 171?

Houellebecq Michel.
La carte et le territoire (Flammarion 2010). May be read as a documentary on a plastician's life.

Houlier Pascal. Orange Labs.
< When augmented reality enriches museum visit:. Lessons learned. by Anne Bationo-Tillon, Pascal Houlier and Isabelle Marchal. Orange Labs. Communication at Laval Virtual 2010. Online.

Hourbette Gérard. Founding member and composer of Art Zoyd group. Interview by Véronique Godé (3/27/(2010 ?)).

Hourcade Jean-Charles. President, Red Cat Technologies.
- In 1982, with Alain Nicolas, they open the animation laboratory of Ina.

Hourquet Emmanuel
> Solaris. (2015C) by Thierry Guibert and Emmanuel Hourquet. Rotating discs painted with graphic patterns are read by a cell and produce sounds.

Housez Judith.
< Marchel Duchamp, biographie. Grasset et Fasquelle, 2006. A very dense biography, with a lot of a data about art in this period, notably about cubism.

Hovagymyan G.H. Wikipedia.
> A SoapOpera for Laptops (1998).
[Popper 2] p. 334-340 : "The G.H. Hovagimyan works may be seen as playing in three main investigation domains : telecommunications art ( Art Dirt 1996-1998,  Collider 1998-2000), digital performance( A Soap Opera for Laptops 1998) and Net art.".
> Collider (1998).
> Art Dirt (1996).

Howe Daniel. Revue Bleu Orange Digital artist and scientist at the Media Research Lab of New York Unversity.

Howe Hubert. Music. Cited by [Baudouin].
> Improvisation on the Overtone Series (1977).
> Computer Variations (1968).

Howell Brendan. Tools. "An artist and a reluctant engineer who has created various software works and interactive electronic inventions".
> Text-n-FX: A Reading Machine (2013). Performance during the Chercher le texte festival (2013).

Howlett Chris
> Michael Jackson 4 Ways (2011 c.) A note by Random Magazine.

HP Process : Alpha Lab

HP Process. A group formed by Philippe Boisnard and Hortense Gauthier. Digitalarti page.
> Alpha-Lab (2016)
> Contact (2013), performance during the Chercher le texte festival (2013)

Hsin Hsin Lin. Wikipedia. Before using computers, she painted several canvasses on the digital world.
< E-commerce (1999). A poem.
< Virtual museum website (1994).

Hsu Feng-Hsiung.
< Behind Deep Blue, Building the computer that defeated the World chess champion by Feng-Hsiung Hsu. Princeton university press 2002. 300 pages.
- More in French.

Huang Alvin. Architect.
> [c]space (2008), with Alan Dempsey. Sectioning, curves. Quoted (plus a double page with photo and plans) by [Iwamoto]: "The BURST* House is made using a customizable kit of parts, whereby "the bulk of the construction process is achieved on the computer, where the geometry of the house and the individual pieces - structural ribs, walls, floors - are resolved and then sent to be precisely cut and numbered before being delivered to the site. This reduces the assembly process to a more accessible process of simple fitting together, much like a jigsaw puzzled with pre-labeled parts.

Huber Dieter. Photography and compositing.
> Several Klone  (1997). Until 1999.

Huber Felix Stephan.
> Arctic Circle Double Travel (1994). by Felix Stephan Huber and Philip Pocock. [Greene] pp. 48-49, with a screenshot.

Hubert Benoit Le.Labo.3D. 3D Pictures CEO: Benoit Hubert.

Hubert Jean > Waiting for Sleep (2016) Video, 3D animation.

Le Hublot. A cultural place in Nice (Côte d'Azur). Tania Cognée, in charge of the digital development.
- Presentation of Passages, by UTO. may 2012. The program.

Hubo. A Korean humanoid robot. Wikipedia.
- Come together (2012), (Beatles Score). Interpretation of music by Hubo robots programmed by students of Drexel University.

Hudson Kirsten. Bio-Art. " An artist philosopher fascinated by how excessive historical and classical western constructs of femininity can be re-deployed to produce strategic and perverse female spectacles, ‘available through the most radical or quietest of acts".
> In-Potentia (2007), with Guy Ben-Ary.

Huebler Christian. Relational and Net art.
- See Knowbotic Research.

Huebner Arne
> Ghost Town (2010). by  Arne Huebner, Daniel Stäbler, , Chris Heller and Theo Seeman. .A note in Random Magazine.

Huelin Michel. Paintings.
- See note on Zûrcher Galerie website.

Huet Cécile. Theater company e-toile, Strasbourg.

Huet Evelyne
> Mary of Nazareth in her kitchen after the Annunciation. (2015C). Acrylic painting and processng

Huff Kenneth. Independent artist. Geometrical work. Painting, to sum up.
> 2002.7  (2002) Digital Picture.
> 2000.24   (2000) Digital picture.

Huffman Kathy Rae.
> Siberian Dream (1995). by Eva Wohlgemuth and Kathy Rae Huffman. "Rendre réel le virtuel et virtuel le réel". Quoted by [Greene].

Huitric : an image from Paris 9 Video Archives.

Hughes Lynn. New media. A founder of the Hexagram Institute and of Tag (Research center about technoculture, art and games).
> Propinquity (2010) up to 2011. Game and performance for two persons, many sensors and projections. Presented within "Québec Numérique" at Gaité Lyrique, Paris 2012.

Huguet Sylvain
> Machine 2 Fish, exoskeleton for goldfish (2016C) by Quentin Destieu and Sylvain Huguet This installation transform the moves of a living goldfish into a robot moves.

Huhtamo Erkki , professor, UCLA Design Media Arts.
< Illusions in Motion, Media Archaelogy of the Moving Panorama and Related Spectacles. MIT Press 2013.

Hui Kyong Chun Wendy.
< Contrôle et liberté : logiciel et plaisir causal. 18 pages in [Lartigaud].

Huitric Hervé. Université Paris 8 Wikipedia, Personal page.
- With Monique Nahas, An interview in Nichons-nous dans l'Internet
> Rodin (1980 c.) Image generation software from bicubical B-splines. With Monique Nahas (Université Paris 7). Shown in Ifip 1983 conference.

> Humanonon (1982) Film made at a 7510 x 5460 resolution, extraordinary by that time, and transferred on film due to system developed by Benson. Page of Paris ACM Siggraph.
- This film is perhaps the first synthetic image film, unless Maison vole be more ancient.

Thomas Hummel : Aus Trachilla

Hummel Thomas. Music. Cited by [Lehmann]. Bio.
> Aus Trachilla (2008)
> conTimbre (database) web site.
> Virtual Orchestra (1996).

Hurokawa Ryoichi. Abstract multimedia installations.
< Rhizomes graphiques, Ryochi Hurokawa. (2010) Four pages by Laurent Catala, MCD no 54.

Hussein Zarah. Video and mapping.
> Numina (2016)

Hutchison Stephanie. Artist and researcher, Deakin University (Australia))
< Recognition: Combining Human Interaction and a Digital Performing Agent, by John McCormick, Kim Vincs, Saeid Nahavandi, Steph Hutchison and Douglas Creighton (Deakin University, Burwood, Australia) and Adam Nash (RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia). Communication at Laval Virtual 2014.

Hutzler Guillaume. His page on Ibisc (University of Evry). Multi-agent programming.
- Mutations (2012). with Bernard Gortais. and Yann Orlary (sound). This multimedia installation interacts with the meteo data or a geographical location. A Youtube video shows relates to Oslo (Norway). Technically, the installation has nothing revolutionary. One can appreciate the pleasant polygonal forms, just "bugged" enough to avoid rigidity. - His thesis.

Huyghe Pierre. Architect, puppet theater, conceptual art. Wikipedia. Quoted by Quoted by [Quaranta] p. 22.
> Pupett Theatre (2004). Polycarbonat panels tessellation. [Iwamoto] deals of him on four pages, with photos and schemas. 8 pages in [Sakamoto].
> One milion kingdoms (2001). 4pages with pictures in [Algora].

Hylton David. Painting. Presentation in ACM Siggraph Educational Committee. Not found other web informaion.

Hyperbody Research Group. Research group, University of Delft.
> MuscleReConfigured + Interactive Wall (2003).

Hype(r)olds. Group of persons, more than 77 aged, exploring things with new media. Their blog.

Hypermonde (club de l'hypermonde). Website of the club, as it was in summer 2001, and never updated since this date.






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