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Cybersemiotics: Conceptual Integration

June 26-30, 2017, Kaunas (Lithuania). More info

Cybersemiotics. Reflectiosn on the transdisciplinary integrating of semiotics, cybernetics and systems.
13th IASS-AIS World Congress of Semiotics
Moderated by Søren Brier and Carlos Vidales featuring Basarab Nicolescu, Paul Cobley, Zhou Liqian and Claudia Jacques.

Our feeling : A quite abstract topic, but of importance at a time when AI gears a second generation of digital art.

On June 27, Claudia Jacques is giving a talk.
Advances in artificial intelligence and ubiquitous computing are expanding human-computer interaction (HCI) in everyday life turning phones, TVs, cars, etc., into computer interfaces. Such changes affect how humans perceive and interact with digital information.
Cybersemiotic provides a powerful framework for comprehending and interpreting changes in human experience and consciousness wrought by the digital revolution. It achieves this by enabling an understanding of humans as complex adaptive systems; consequently, anything that involves or is involved with humans becomes an integral part of the system.
Through a series of visual representations the experience of these exchanges is explored under the lens of the Cybersemiotic framework and balances human user, interface, and digital information as elements within an ever-changing system, demonstrating the manner in which a change in one element affects each and every other part of the system.

Jacques is a Brazilian-American interdisciplinary artist, designer, educator and researcher of space-time aesthetics in the user-information-interface relationship through the lens of Cybersemiotics.


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