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Fall 2018 : Will AI save Digital Art ?

Oct. 21, 2018. World.

The 2018 fall is disappointing, if not desparing for Digital Art. No new edition of the Variation dedicated show. Very litttle in Fiac and Art Elysées (we did'nt visit Via, where digital art has always been nearly absent.

In Fiac, just one piece by Tatsuo Miyajima : Life 'Rhizome" no 18 ( 2013).

In Art Elysée, the diehard digital artists Miguel Chevalier and Alain Le Boucher, show new pieces, but break no new ground.

By contrast, we learn by press two art events referred to as AI.

- Le portrait d'Edmond de Belamy, by the Obvious Group. More info. It will be sold in auction by Oct. 23-25 at Christies. "This portrait, however, is not the product of a human mind. It was created by an artificial intelligence, an algorithm defined by that algebraic formula with its many parentheses. And when it goes under the hammer ... it will signal the arrival of AI art on the world auction stage", says Christies.

The presentations dives into long and interesting comments. We will reserve our own conclusions when we can get more info about the real kind of AI involved. Part of the presentation looks more as marketing than art properly. And, says Manuela de Barros in Le Monde (Oct. 20), the members of Obvious have no artistic education.


- I The Road, by Ross Goodwin (Jean Boite Editions). A book written by a neural network connected to a car equipped with several sensors.

It's too early to reach a definite opinion. Will one more "à la manière de" painting and a more or less stochastic piece of writing really bring someting new? We shall investigage deeper.

But let's say... "digital art" as a label never succeeded to create something really meaningful in the world (and market) of Art. Will "AI art" do the job" ? The answer lies more in the market than in rationality.




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