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"I consider style - surely the most difficult word in art vocabulary, as the signature of a complex system". (Harold Cohen, in How to draw three people in a botanical garden (1988)).

Last revised 8/29/2014. Return to Major concepts. See style in form and matter, transmedia.

If we let aside transcendantalist issues about the irreductibility of human nature, style can be described as a set of features that are characteristisc of an artist, a country, a period. These features can, in many cases, be derived from observations of existing works. They can also be designed in order to create an original style.

Many attempts, and quite successful:
- in literature, for Flaubert by Jean-Pierre Balpe,
- style may apply to the typography (font, page size and layout, etc.) and page setting of texts, books an websites,
- in painting, with many software projects creating "à la" Mondrian or impessionistic; the photo processing software, and many cameras, offer direct stylization tools,
- in music, notably with Mozart; in music, a characteristic feature of a composer is the distribution of his transitions from one note to another.

"Stylized" is nearly a synonym of "non-photo-realistic" in the following texts:
< Stylistic Rendering of Implicit Models, by B. Wyvill et al.(Computational Aesthetics 2005). PDF text.
< Stylized rendering for multiresolution image representation, by M. Grundland et al. (Computational Aesthetics 2005). PDF text.





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