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Last update on April 22, 2014.

I feel the Bit beating in my heart
No meaning but power.
I see the Cloud whirling high overhead
Calling us for an answer.
I share the Life, this growing spread.
The World we build together.


- A French Version is still on line, but not updated nor developped since June 1st 2012.

Recent features

- Laval Virtual : Interacive art, from biology to psychology. A second look.

- Art Brussels is to open from 25 to 27 april. Imal will present a show and workshops by William Latham. But with little digitalal artists, constrasting wih the rich 2013 spring.

- Kawaguchi robots play Henkinson's music. Our point of view.
- Jacques Perconte at Galerie Charlot (April 16/June 7). Text revised on 4/17.
- Becoming seed, in Paris Jeu de Paume (opening on April 8).
- Media-mediums opens in Paris, up to May 31. Experimental art about communication. Music, virtual reality, biothech...

- Art Paris and PAD , our report.

- Bio-Fiction. "The international Synthetic Biology Science, Art and Film Festival series. It features short films on any aspect of synthetic biology, including documentary films, animation, (science) fiction etc. The first festival was held in Vienna, Austria, in 2011, when it received 130 short films from 26 countries, of which a jury selected 52 films, and awarding 5 films with major awards. The Second Bio-fiction Festival will take place from 23 - 25 October, 2014. The Venue will again be the Museum of Natural History in Vienna, Austria. "

- Ecouter voir. Digital music and gesture/sound/image relations. by Puce-Muse; April 1-3 in St Merri church (Paris). Our opinion.
- Math'n Pop music in Lille-Tourcoing (for scientists) : Modèles formels et visualisations pour la musique : du classique à la pop. On tuesty April 15 at Imaginarium, SCV.
- Interaction and brain control at Roubaix (France).
- The importance of print for digital photography. Sasaki and Murayama in Berlin (Das Foto Image Factory).

- A brief contribution by Jean-Paul Margnac about digital art in photography.

- A state of the Digital Arts on the beginning of 2014.
- Digital art, from the Bit to the Cloud
- Aesthetics and Algorithms, Around the Uncanny Peak
- Immersion, From Goggles to Transmedia

- A brilliant program for Videoformes in Clermont-Ferrand. (March 19 - April 5)
- Ulf Langheinrich à Lyon. ( March 6 - April 20)

- On the borders of the digital realm, see :
. The video of a communication by Stéphane Trois-Carrés about his Motionless traveller (recursive combination of video devices).
. A report by Véronique Godé about a recent auction of video art at Drouot's, by Véronique Godé (in French).

- Le Boucher at its best at Mordoch and Waltman galleries.
- For books and bookshops, matter matters.
- Labau origamis.
- Lego créatif, art Lego (presently only in French).

In Digitalarti News, Jan. 2014 (in French):
- Interaction in the cinema hall (Digital Stories, supported by Rencontres Audiovisuelles).
- Lyon (France), multimedia in public space
- New technologies at Marseille's "AntiAtlas"
- New works by Zimoun

- Loss, by A.lter S.ession. Images, sound and bodies on stage.

- Meetiiim, an interactive table for cooperation.

- A rich harvest of digital art in the Parisian Fall. Our synthesis (Fiac, Slick, Show-Off....).

- Forecasters don't see art.

- Gravity and Snowpiercer: beautiful images, technophobia dominant.

- The first museum on "Entertainment arts" opens in Paris, november 16.

- Is there a "French Touch" in digital art?




. Our dictionary is primarily aimed to the community of digital art, from artists to fans and from corporations to associations. Its insistence on external references makes it a choice tool for research and in depth studies... without forgetting enjoyment. It's written mostly by Pierre Berger, retired computer journalist, author of Roxame software and presently art critic.


Paris ACM Siggraph, the French chapter of ACM Siggraph, worldwide non-profit organization of computer graphics.
p> . It presents as well the artists (more than 1500 by 2013) and their works as the concepts, the history and the geography of digital art. See a summary of the core data and concepts.

. It is permanently updated and enriched, with the risk of some "work in progress" here and there. Your remarks will always be welcome. Just Contact us.

Archives and resources

In order to preserve some historical resources, you will also find here :
- The Dictionnaire des sciences et techniques de l'information, with strong reference to the history of computer science and industry in France since its beginning to 2005.
- The 250 issues of Asti-Hebdo and Stic-Hebdo, from 2000 to 2005.
- The website of Club de l'Hypermonde, as it was by
- and, giving a personal touch to this site the main texts written by Pierre Berger (many of them unpublished).

Les Algoristes, an association of artists using their own algorithms in their work.